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February 04, 2013

Neon Love
Neon Strap

Last week I decided to redo my closet, organize a few pieces and buy a clothing rack. I figured everything would be more accessible and more appealing to the human eye if I could actually visualize my clothes, having my favorite items displayed as colorful candy. But then, once everything was said and done, I came to the conclusion I own a lot of black. In fact, 70% of my very much visible clothing rack is made out of black pieces, which is understandable given its versatility. However, given the fact I'm a girl who loves color and Summer and all things that can remind me of warmth and happiness, I chose to boycott black pieces and pledged not to buy any more. So far I'm doing great, and I'd say pink is my dominant color at the moment. Odd? Maybe. But trust me, you think this bag looks super flashy? It's nothing compared to what it looks like in real life. In a good way. Because, really...who doesn't love a pop of neon? 


{ Bag: Primark }

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