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February 03, 2013

Wood Heel
Spiked Dream

If there was such thing as love songs written for shoes, I'd totally be on board. I spotted these shoes at the highest shelf at Zara and, despite my very obvious short stature, I let my tiptoes shine and carefully rummaged around the shelf for my size. Hint: it was not a very charming sight. In the end, amidst the sale ruckus, I found the last pair and fought the urge to take them home on my feet, disapproving glares be damned! I don't know what does me in: the pretty spikes, the studs, the stone color, the fabulous sale price or just the overall badass-ery of these shoes. All of the above, I'd say. Current favorites for sure.
Also, happy Super Bowl Sunday! Who are you rooting for? The Ravens? The 49ers? Beyonce? I'm so excited! Have a wonderful day, my loves.


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