lovely fall

September 28, 2013

Hi, gorgeous people! How's your weekend going? So much rain over here it makes my heart feel so sad. Hope it's still sunny wherever you are! Today I bring you my favorite Fall looks of 2013. I know I always say I adore Summer so much but actually, my favorite fashion season is Fall! I absolutely love the fact it's not too cold for tons of layers but not too warm for comfy sweaters and hats. Yay! I'm such a lover of pastels, and this season I am totally obsessed with burgundy - especially on lipsticks -, cable knit sweaters (as I am every season) and simple bow blouses. Amidst these full H&M looks - how awesome is H&M this season, by the way? Beyond! -, I'd love to wear the first two looks to college, seeing as I'm all for comfortable yet stylish during Fall. I have so many looks to show you and I am super, duper excited to photograph them when the weather stops being cruel... Sad face. Have a gorgeous weekend and if you're Portuguese vote, vote, vote tomorrow! Let your opinion be heard instead of just sitting at home complaining. It's time to make a difference, people! 

two for the road

September 25, 2013


Calling out all my Portuguese babes: can you believe that rain is already here, 2 days into Fall? I am absolutely outraged! I thought the universe would ease someone like me - meaning, a total rain and wind-o-phobe - into Fall with a slight temperature drop and some teeny, weeny wind, focusing solely on the leaves changing colors and all that jazz... but no. Full on rain, chills and gray skies. I had to drive under these conditions, people! Stomping my feet right now. My heart is shattered. But, oh well... You make do! Time to bring out all those comfy and cute sweaters and some warmer clothes. There's always a silver lining, no? Hope it's still sunny and warm wherever you are in the world! Enjoy a bit of warmth for me, will you? 

a little ghetto

September 23, 2013


Ghetto: word which white girls use to describe almost everything that is not clad with lilly polos and pearls (as per Urban Dictionary).

With this gem of a definition in mind, happy Monday! I know it's almost Tuesday by now but who's counting, right? These two pretty bits over here were my purchases this weekend. I choose to categorize them as ghetto because I've always wanted to use that word... Or more like "everyone needs a little ghetto in their life" and whatnot. But also because I'm all about prim and proper, but am happy to step out of my comfort zone every so often. I'd been eyeing this bag for a long time now and I finally decided to make my move once I noticed I didn't own a single black bag, ever. I know. I'm ridiculous. I hear your gasps over here, but fear not because I finally found this Parfois beauty (I may or may not have realized I have a tiny obsession with Parfois, because all my bags are from there) and it's everything I wanted in a bag: boxy, sleek, great shade of noir and - bonus! - incorporates my beloved leopard print. Score! As for the biker boots, I'd been craving a pair forever. And I mean forever. I searched and searched but always found a flaw in the boots I saw: too pricey, too hard, too many buckles... the list goes on. Imagine my surprise when I found these in Primark of all places - my nemesis because of my claustrophobia - and for a little over 20€! Strolled back home pleased as pie. Can't wait to break in these comfortable boots and edgy bag soon! Have a wonderful week, my lovelies. 


{ Parfois Bag
Primark Boots } 

ready for more

September 22, 2013

21 ii

Lately I've noticed myself growing taller in many ways - obviously not in height, though! - and gradually feeling spiritually more mature, ready to move forward as well as embracing new challenges as they're thrown my way. Just yesterday I found some old chat logs and e-mails from a couple years ago and I couldn't bite back some mortified feelings, but I was mostly all smiles and laughs at how carefree and completely not jaded I was (I mean, writing "like dis nd dat is jus so amazin"! I'm currently hanging my head in shame. In my defense, though, it was 2008). In a way I'm still that unfiltered, humorous and loving person - see photos above, still a child! -, but being burnt once or twice has kind of chipped my view on relationships and how much you give of yourself to someone. That being said, we should never let anyone dim our sparkle. Instead, it's always time to see the glass half full: first loves are great in the sense you aren't affected by past experiences and only have your good nature and innocence to guide you through them. Everyone should get to experience that completely euphoric feeling you get when the one you love does something amazing, that utter joy that has you jumping up and down on your bed - guilty! - and squealing uncontrollably. Love is one of life's greatest joys and despite the hurt it does cause, it's absolutely worth it. And, even when it ends, you can't help but cherish the memories and the wisdom. As time goes by, it's so fulfilling to see yourself maturing and becoming wiser, especially when you look back at these days that seem so far away in the past, but that taught us so much for the present and future. But happiness comes in so many different forms as well. I can feel happy by choosing to see the little things in life as blessings, like the beautiful seasons during the year, little bits and bobs of happiness in the form of photography, hot chocolate, cuddles, laughing with friends... Happiness is everywhere and we're all just a second away from it if we let go and realize what we're looking for is probably right there in our hands. But anyway. All this jibber jabber does have a point, and it's to tell you that Summer might be over, but there's much more ahead of us if we only open our eyes and allow ourselves to experiment, embrace, engage and challenge ourselves. Here's to a great Fall season filled with love, hope, health and growth for all you gorgeous sunflowers!

Oh, and by the way... these photos right here are courtesy of the funniest 12 year old I know... my sister. Love you bunches, munchkin, and thank you for making me laugh every single day. 


{ H&M Dress }

life in instacolor

September 19, 2013

Aaaah, you guys! I passed my driver's written exam, which means I'm halfway there en route to my driver's license! Woohoo! I was on cloud nine the whole day afterwards. I guess you can truly tell my excitement from the massive use of exclamation marks but... YOLO! Giggles. I was so very nervous going into the exam, you guys have no idea. I will never be able to put it into words. I've always been a nervous wreck before any exam but I've only been this nervous during this exam and only one other before which was the exam I needed to get into college. Both times were super nerve-wrecking obviously but this time in particular because I am just so excited to be able to drive and have fun at the wheel - update: I am happy to announce can park a car flawlessly! I was so scared to bump into every car in a 5 mile radius but I didn't and I la-la-loved it! I sound like such a nutcase and I keep hearing my teacher's words in my mind telling me I'm always "tickled pink" - she's an English teacher - about every little thing but I really don't care just as long as I get my hands on my own wheels, pronto! Have an awesome rest of the week and a spectacular weekend, beauts! I'll be speeding away on my driving lessons if you should ever need me... 

burning the midnight oil

September 16, 2013


Hi loves and happy Monday to you! I know Mondays are not totally compatible with happy thoughts, and I promise the darkness of these photos has nothing to do with that fact other than me having a grand ol' time playing around with my pal Photoshop. Also, this sheer look is something my momma keeps chastising me about. Bless her heart. Anyway... Enough rambling. Holy Chicago, you guys! This weekend's Pilates workouts have blasted me! Oh, it burns so good! Although it's not so good when you have to sit in the car and drive around for 2 hours but the pain is oh so worth it... Gotta love an amazing workout that leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for a new week. Yay! Hope you have an amazing Monday and since I have the day off, I'm gonna go back to rereading my Fifty Shades trilogy... Oh, the cheek... Shhhh. 


{ Zara Shirt
Bershka Trousers
Seaside Shoes }

let's share our fitness journey

September 15, 2013

Hi, gorgeous babes! How is your weekend going? Spectacular, I hope... it's just so good to have some R&R time, huh? Today I have some more fitness inspiration for you. I am so grateful to have started this fitness journey and I can't help but want to share all of this gratefulness with you in hopes you'll feel motivated to join me as we take care of our bodies day after day! I just finished an amazing Pilates workout as I type this. Sidenote: check out the ah-mazing Cassey over at Blogilates! My best babe Jennifer introduced me to her a couple months ago and I am absolutely taken by her cheerfulness and bright attitude towards working out. Definitely recommend it to everyone! Today's workout targeted my legs, thighs and butt - oh, baby, you've gotta squat! It's life changing, beauts! You can get a substantially firmer booty that nabs you all that good attention just by doing simple exercises before bed, like 30 squats and lifting your left and right leg 20 times each while squeezing. It works! Truth is, I feel so great. Pilates is such a wonderful exercise not only for your body, but your mind and soul. You feel better and healthier when you work harder.

Every change in life starts with a goal... what bothers me, though, is how people set goals with absolutely no intention of working to achieve them. What good does that do to anyone, especially ourselves? A goal is only a goal until you push your body and soul to turn it into your reality. Don't wish for it, work for it. It truly upsets me to see people so loathsome over their bodies, over the way they look, always driven to the point of depression and self hate. To see some of my friends put themselves down restlessly hurts me deeply, but it angers me when they don't do something about it. We all have the ability to work on ourselves. There's no need to have any expensive equipment or a gym membership... all we need is the desire to change. Whatever moves you, whether it's weight loss or the desire to live a healthier life - my case -, make sure you do not stop. 

The burn is amazing. It hurts, it stings, it squeezes painfully, but it's good pain. It's intriguing how pain is always associated with negativity. Not today, not now. This is good pain, the kind of pain that tells you your efforts are blossoming into results. Let's not fool ourselves and think it's easy, because it's not. Oh, babes, easy it is not! But you know what? It's worth it. As cliché as it may be, it's so worth it. You're gonna want to give up and go back to the easy and comfortable, vegging out in front of your TV all day. It's normal, it's okay, it's alright. No one has a resolve of steel. We're bound to feel weak... but that doesn't mean it's over. Also... don't ever feel like you have to keep going endlessly if you just need a break. It's okay to rest, breathe and regroup, just as long as you come back stronger.

You can do this. You can do anything and everything you set your mind to. You're awesome, driven and worthy... That's a no brainer. I have no doubts, no reservations. It's almost like... Duh! We can obviously break through everything that breaks us. It may take weeks, months, years... but we will. The only thing we need to do? Keep on trying, hustling, fighting. Show everyone who told you you couldn't do it, that you most certainly can! Yes, ma'am. As you get further and further into your fitness journey, there are things you must remember. These things are the things I hold near myself everyday...

♥ If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you;
♥ I have the power to make the rest of my life, the best of my life;
♥ I can do something to make myself proud today;
♥ It doesn't get easier, I just get stronger;
♥ I have to remember to just breathe, things take time but they surely come;
♥ Soon enough I'll realize the huge mountain I've been climbing is nothing but a grain of sand;
♥ Everyday I am one day closer to a healthier and fit life;
♥ Slow progress is progress all the same;
♥ You. Can. Do. Everything!

This right here is my journey. Have an awesome Sunday and I hope you too get into the fitness way of life and work yourself out to become everything you envision yourself to be! xx

glass half full of autumn

September 13, 2013

I am such a Summer girl... I love the warmth, the skimpy clothes, the sunshine and the overall happiness you feel during this amazing season. However, that doesn't mean I'm not very much open to Spring and Fall (um, okay... Winter, I am totally kicking you out of this party, pal) and I can always draw up positives for them. I can't wait for the first days of Fall to come around, there's so much beauty that's always presented to us and we may take for granted, like...

♥ Hot chocolate on a chilly day
♥ The gorgeous orange hues we spot on the street and trees
♥ Fluffy, comfy sweaters
♥ Pretty scarves, mittens and earmuffs
♥ Lots of cuddling
♥ A warm blanket, a book and a cup of tea in bed after a long day
♥ Thanksgiving
♥ Carving pumpkins
♥ Cappuccinos and lattes
♥ Adorable wellies and pretty coats
♥ Warm tones
♥ Mixture of warm and chilly temperatures
♥ Happiness

We should always take the inevitable changes in seasons as clean slates, a brand new sheet of paper placed in front of us. It's up to us to make the transition as flawlessly as possible and to enjoy as much as we can. One life to live, my loves! Better make it count in comfy sweaters, adorable wellies and a cup of hot chocolate in hand. Have a fabulous, fabulous weekend and enjoy the last days of Summer! 


September 11, 2013


As time goes by, let us not forget those who were taken from us cruelly and unfairly. These years may pass at a scary pace, but I believe everyone will forever mourn the victims of 9/11. Today shall go down as a reminder to always tell the people you love just how much you love them, as you never know what tomorrow may hold. The fact we're alive today and able to remember and mourn those who were lost should push us to let go of the bitterness caused by these mindless acts of terrorism. I hope everyone affected by this tragedy has found peace and comfort... and that they know that they'll undoubtedly never be forgotten. x


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. 
Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” 
-- Martin Luther King, Jr. }

words of comfort

September 08, 2013


Last Wednesday I broke down. I'm even somewhat ashamed to admit this, given the maximum degree of sobbing and panting that occurred. Don't ask me why, but I cried like I hadn't cried in a very, very long time. It was truly like a dam bursting, the kind of strangled cry that leaves a banging headache and swollen face in its destruction path, giving my pillow a thorough tear wash. Family members came to the rescue, soothing me and telling me this too shall pass. I never let people see me cry, but it was nice to feel the love nonetheless. But the most unexpected comfort came from my littlest sister. My mom, worried I might flood the house with my never ending tears, ushered me to her side as she made lunch and tried to cheer me up (bless you so much, mama). Then, in walks my baby Sofia. "Kika is sad," said my mom. Sofia turns around, glances at my swollen face and hugs me for a full minute. As she pulled away, she said ever so softly, "everything will be okay." And I believed her. I was so deeply touched by this loving little girl that I allowed her to comfort me deeply than any other more elaborate words. Then she broke the moment by telling me my face was so swollen it looked like a bee had stung it... but that just made me release a loud giggle. Relief! 

down by the river

September 07, 2013


Little Miss Tiny here! Hi, you guys! How was your week? Hope you guys pushed yourselves to the max in this start of September and worked those gorgeous booties out like I did. College starts back up next week and I am absolutely dreading it. However, I felt it was time for a little visit down by the river just as Summer comes to a wrap. Nothing like a blue river and the sun shining down on you... Afterwards, it was time for a little Staples run for some back to school supplies! September doesn't feel complete without Staples. Sidenote: best of luck to everyone starting college this year! Fasten your seat belts and get ready for a roller coaster ride. To everyone else who, like me, is starting yet another school year: recharge your batteries and let's kick some booty, shall we? Have a wonderful week, beauts, and stay healthy and positive! 


{ DIY Jumpsuit
In Shoes Sandals
Blanco Necklace
Parfois Bag
Primark Earrings }

life in instacolor

September 05, 2013

You guys! I drove a car for the first time today and it was ah-mazing! I'm seriously addicted now. Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of driving. It's a sense of freedom! I had been counting down the years until I turned 18 to finally be able to drive myself anywhere I want (and others too. Strangely I seem to have a really big desire to play the chauffeur. We'll see how long that lasts!). When I finally blew the candles on my 18th birthday, I waited for the perfect time to start my driving lessons. My illness got in the way during the first couple months, but now that I'm back to full mental and physical ability, off I went! I think I did pretty good for a newbie, even though I'm still learning my way around a stick shift. Oh well! You live and you learn. I'm so pumped, yay! Oh, and happy birthday, Daddy! Consider the fact I'm alive and didn't run against a brick wall as your birthday gift. Holler! Hope you guys have an awesome September... it's my least favorite month of the year coupled with January, but it's all about our attitude as we face new challenges! Keep on smiling, driving and exercising, beauts! Oh, and good luck to every starved and unmotivated student on a new school year. Let's weep together! 

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