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September 15, 2013

Hi, gorgeous babes! How is your weekend going? Spectacular, I hope... it's just so good to have some R&R time, huh? Today I have some more fitness inspiration for you. I am so grateful to have started this fitness journey and I can't help but want to share all of this gratefulness with you in hopes you'll feel motivated to join me as we take care of our bodies day after day! I just finished an amazing Pilates workout as I type this. Sidenote: check out the ah-mazing Cassey over at Blogilates! My best babe Jennifer introduced me to her a couple months ago and I am absolutely taken by her cheerfulness and bright attitude towards working out. Definitely recommend it to everyone! Today's workout targeted my legs, thighs and butt - oh, baby, you've gotta squat! It's life changing, beauts! You can get a substantially firmer booty that nabs you all that good attention just by doing simple exercises before bed, like 30 squats and lifting your left and right leg 20 times each while squeezing. It works! Truth is, I feel so great. Pilates is such a wonderful exercise not only for your body, but your mind and soul. You feel better and healthier when you work harder.

Every change in life starts with a goal... what bothers me, though, is how people set goals with absolutely no intention of working to achieve them. What good does that do to anyone, especially ourselves? A goal is only a goal until you push your body and soul to turn it into your reality. Don't wish for it, work for it. It truly upsets me to see people so loathsome over their bodies, over the way they look, always driven to the point of depression and self hate. To see some of my friends put themselves down restlessly hurts me deeply, but it angers me when they don't do something about it. We all have the ability to work on ourselves. There's no need to have any expensive equipment or a gym membership... all we need is the desire to change. Whatever moves you, whether it's weight loss or the desire to live a healthier life - my case -, make sure you do not stop. 

The burn is amazing. It hurts, it stings, it squeezes painfully, but it's good pain. It's intriguing how pain is always associated with negativity. Not today, not now. This is good pain, the kind of pain that tells you your efforts are blossoming into results. Let's not fool ourselves and think it's easy, because it's not. Oh, babes, easy it is not! But you know what? It's worth it. As cliché as it may be, it's so worth it. You're gonna want to give up and go back to the easy and comfortable, vegging out in front of your TV all day. It's normal, it's okay, it's alright. No one has a resolve of steel. We're bound to feel weak... but that doesn't mean it's over. Also... don't ever feel like you have to keep going endlessly if you just need a break. It's okay to rest, breathe and regroup, just as long as you come back stronger.

You can do this. You can do anything and everything you set your mind to. You're awesome, driven and worthy... That's a no brainer. I have no doubts, no reservations. It's almost like... Duh! We can obviously break through everything that breaks us. It may take weeks, months, years... but we will. The only thing we need to do? Keep on trying, hustling, fighting. Show everyone who told you you couldn't do it, that you most certainly can! Yes, ma'am. As you get further and further into your fitness journey, there are things you must remember. These things are the things I hold near myself everyday...

♥ If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you;
♥ I have the power to make the rest of my life, the best of my life;
♥ I can do something to make myself proud today;
♥ It doesn't get easier, I just get stronger;
♥ I have to remember to just breathe, things take time but they surely come;
♥ Soon enough I'll realize the huge mountain I've been climbing is nothing but a grain of sand;
♥ Everyday I am one day closer to a healthier and fit life;
♥ Slow progress is progress all the same;
♥ You. Can. Do. Everything!

This right here is my journey. Have an awesome Sunday and I hope you too get into the fitness way of life and work yourself out to become everything you envision yourself to be! xx

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