lovely fall

September 28, 2013

Hi, gorgeous people! How's your weekend going? So much rain over here it makes my heart feel so sad. Hope it's still sunny wherever you are! Today I bring you my favorite Fall looks of 2013. I know I always say I adore Summer so much but actually, my favorite fashion season is Fall! I absolutely love the fact it's not too cold for tons of layers but not too warm for comfy sweaters and hats. Yay! I'm such a lover of pastels, and this season I am totally obsessed with burgundy - especially on lipsticks -, cable knit sweaters (as I am every season) and simple bow blouses. Amidst these full H&M looks - how awesome is H&M this season, by the way? Beyond! -, I'd love to wear the first two looks to college, seeing as I'm all for comfortable yet stylish during Fall. I have so many looks to show you and I am super, duper excited to photograph them when the weather stops being cruel... Sad face. Have a gorgeous weekend and if you're Portuguese vote, vote, vote tomorrow! Let your opinion be heard instead of just sitting at home complaining. It's time to make a difference, people! 


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    1. Aw, thank you! I know, they're super gorgeous and cozy for fall. My bank account is about to take a huge dent... but you know. Heehee! xx


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