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September 22, 2013

21 ii

Lately I've noticed myself growing taller in many ways - obviously not in height, though! - and gradually feeling spiritually more mature, ready to move forward as well as embracing new challenges as they're thrown my way. Just yesterday I found some old chat logs and e-mails from a couple years ago and I couldn't bite back some mortified feelings, but I was mostly all smiles and laughs at how carefree and completely not jaded I was (I mean, writing "like dis nd dat is jus so amazin"! I'm currently hanging my head in shame. In my defense, though, it was 2008). In a way I'm still that unfiltered, humorous and loving person - see photos above, still a child! -, but being burnt once or twice has kind of chipped my view on relationships and how much you give of yourself to someone. That being said, we should never let anyone dim our sparkle. Instead, it's always time to see the glass half full: first loves are great in the sense you aren't affected by past experiences and only have your good nature and innocence to guide you through them. Everyone should get to experience that completely euphoric feeling you get when the one you love does something amazing, that utter joy that has you jumping up and down on your bed - guilty! - and squealing uncontrollably. Love is one of life's greatest joys and despite the hurt it does cause, it's absolutely worth it. And, even when it ends, you can't help but cherish the memories and the wisdom. As time goes by, it's so fulfilling to see yourself maturing and becoming wiser, especially when you look back at these days that seem so far away in the past, but that taught us so much for the present and future. But happiness comes in so many different forms as well. I can feel happy by choosing to see the little things in life as blessings, like the beautiful seasons during the year, little bits and bobs of happiness in the form of photography, hot chocolate, cuddles, laughing with friends... Happiness is everywhere and we're all just a second away from it if we let go and realize what we're looking for is probably right there in our hands. But anyway. All this jibber jabber does have a point, and it's to tell you that Summer might be over, but there's much more ahead of us if we only open our eyes and allow ourselves to experiment, embrace, engage and challenge ourselves. Here's to a great Fall season filled with love, hope, health and growth for all you gorgeous sunflowers!

Oh, and by the way... these photos right here are courtesy of the funniest 12 year old I know... my sister. Love you bunches, munchkin, and thank you for making me laugh every single day. 


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