two for the road

September 25, 2013


Calling out all my Portuguese babes: can you believe that rain is already here, 2 days into Fall? I am absolutely outraged! I thought the universe would ease someone like me - meaning, a total rain and wind-o-phobe - into Fall with a slight temperature drop and some teeny, weeny wind, focusing solely on the leaves changing colors and all that jazz... but no. Full on rain, chills and gray skies. I had to drive under these conditions, people! Stomping my feet right now. My heart is shattered. But, oh well... You make do! Time to bring out all those comfy and cute sweaters and some warmer clothes. There's always a silver lining, no? Hope it's still sunny and warm wherever you are in the world! Enjoy a bit of warmth for me, will you? 

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