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September 08, 2013


Last Wednesday I broke down. I'm even somewhat ashamed to admit this, given the maximum degree of sobbing and panting that occurred. Don't ask me why, but I cried like I hadn't cried in a very, very long time. It was truly like a dam bursting, the kind of strangled cry that leaves a banging headache and swollen face in its destruction path, giving my pillow a thorough tear wash. Family members came to the rescue, soothing me and telling me this too shall pass. I never let people see me cry, but it was nice to feel the love nonetheless. But the most unexpected comfort came from my littlest sister. My mom, worried I might flood the house with my never ending tears, ushered me to her side as she made lunch and tried to cheer me up (bless you so much, mama). Then, in walks my baby Sofia. "Kika is sad," said my mom. Sofia turns around, glances at my swollen face and hugs me for a full minute. As she pulled away, she said ever so softly, "everything will be okay." And I believed her. I was so deeply touched by this loving little girl that I allowed her to comfort me deeply than any other more elaborate words. Then she broke the moment by telling me my face was so swollen it looked like a bee had stung it... but that just made me release a loud giggle. Relief! 

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