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October 31, 2013

So... let's get a little personal, shall we? Last night was seriously tough. Now, I don't know if this has anything to do with the fact it's Halloween — Happy Halloween, by the way! Spooky! — but I honestly can't remember ever feeling that sick. I'm talking serious zombie territory: eyes barely open and absolutely hollow, pastier-than-usual skin, lack of any energy to even stand up or move around. It was truly like a never ending trip to a House of Horrors. But at the same time, it's like you feel so much more appreciative of everything once you turn the corner and you feel normal again. It's almost as if these struggles are your wake up call to realize there are so many wonderful things we take for granted everyday, like the ability to get out of bed and go on with our lives, to feel painless and energized, to feel the love around us as people flock to make sure we're okay... it's all in the way you choose to see things. Your perspective in life. Sending tons of positive energies for you today! I'll be dressed up in a hospital gown today for my exam. This was seriously meant to be... *giggles*! Happy Halloween, my loves!  

things to be thankful for...

October 26, 2013


The invention of a magical thing called a sports bra. It's like a unicorn sprinkled with glitter. I mean, hello!? I don't know how people such as myself worked out in regular bras before. Your boobies are a disoriented mess when you're abusing the treadmill, for one. Jumping up and down, left and right... holy moly, they were probably as nauseated as I was when I rode a roller coaster for the first (and last) time. It's just exhausting, so much boob action is not okay. Thank you sweet baby Jesus for sports bras! My boobies send a thank you card from inside their new comfy, secure, padded home. You're absolutely welcome for that visual. 

Having a crush on someone. You turn into a pathetic, fumbling 12 year old again... but isn't that so much fun?! I know! Group squeal! It's honestly the best feeling next to love, especially when it's been 84 years since you've had a crush on someone. Ha! Just kidding. Kind of.

Hats that not only conceal bad hair days, but also bad face days. I know you were wondering about my strategic positioning of the hat (or maybe you weren't and now I've drawn your attention to it. Now this is double awkward!). It's part of my master plan to take over the world in total anonymity. The girl who hid her face with a hat. You've been warned.

The fact that Kate Middleton exists and is gorgeous and perfect and classy and just everything. Sometimes you just gotta be thankful for people who are awesome and sneeze glitter and rainbows. I know.

Have a wonderful weekend, my loves, and make the most out of this last week of October! Can you believe 2013 is almost over?! What!? Yikes! 


{ Zara Hat 
Primark Blouse
Bershka Skirt
Parfois Shoes } 

winter cravings

October 24, 2013

Do my cravings change everyday? Yes. Do I love black one day and yellow the next? Yes. Am I one big ball of confusion and lack of decisiveness? Err... yeah. But I do know that this Autumn/Winter, the things things I really, really need are a cardigan, a coat, a pair (or fifteen) of boots and hats. I'm sure tomorrow I'll yell about my absolute need to buy a flannel shirt - it's already starting, help! -, but we must live in the moment, am I right or am I right? Above are some of my picks that I need to narrow down, because that sound of agony you're hearing over your shoulder? That's my bank account weeping for mercy. Shush, you!  


{ 1. Pull&Bear
2. Stradivarius
3. H&M
4. H&M
5. Pull&Bear }

prom memories

October 20, 2013


{ Told you I'm a huge crybaby! I was sobbing quietly in my teacher's arms with her hushing me and almost kicking me back to my seat. Yes, ma'am, I am ridonkulous }

When I'm old and gray, I'm sure one of my biggest regrets in life will be the fact I didn't ask for a qualified photographer to take my prom pictures. It's like looking back on your wedding day and finding out your photographer was drunk out of their mind and only took blurry pictures of you and your spouse and your dress and everything you loved. You then cry and yell and pull out your hair but that ain't gonna give you your photos back. Wow, that was kinda dramatic. Anyway... yeah. My prom pictures absolutely suck. In contrast to this fact, though, my prom night was amazing. It happened on June 2nd, 2012 and it was raining heavily. My grandma - who is crazy talented, yo! - made my dress and I'll always look back on it as my favorite dress in my favorite color in my favorite style. Favorite, ya feel me? It was such a beautiful farewell to my high school years. I never experienced the dreaded years people talk about because I really loved high school (it was 2,000 times better than my college experience so far, would you look at that?). Sure, there were sour times as well as sweet, but I met some of my greatest friends there and I truly had so many laughs, memories and experiences to last me a lifetime. I'm a huge crybaby so I sobbed during the mass for us seniors - I went to a catholic school -, sobbing  for so many moments in time I was leaving behind and a chapter in my life that I was closing. But then I laughed, hugged and danced with my favorite people... and all was right in the world again. How was your prom night, dress, experience? Did you love high school as much as me?  

polished fall

October 17, 2013


Oh hi, my shiny adorable ponies! How's everyone doing? Today I'm talking nail polishes over at this little corner on the web. I love nail polishes, I have a super vast collection but I typically only reach for a select few depending on the season. Since we're well into fall, I recently bought these two lovely colors that I'm obsessed with. This navy blue and beautiful burgundy/bordeaux shades are perfect for fall and perfect for me seeing as I'm such a huge fan of dark colors on my nails in favor of bright or light shades. I'm still eyeing a military green and gray shades - which, along with burgundy and navy are my top colors for this season -, so let's see how badly my bank account weeps in future times. Sigh. If anyone was wondering about this particular brand, they are super great! I'm wearing the blue shade on my nails right now and the coverage is fantastic and almost gel-ish which I love! I'm really reluctant to get my nails done because of all the damage I hear about, so these are the next best thing. What are your favorite shades? Do you love nail polishes as much as me? Have a fabulous end of the week, my loves.  

let's share our fitness journey, #2

October 14, 2013

Oh hi, gorgeous people! How was this past week for you? Mine was super sunny and filled with some great, burning workouts, which are today's topic over at this little blog. I know what you're gonna say: "ayyyy Dios mio, not this again!" but, but, but... hear me out. All the talk in the world to motivate you to get fit will never, ever be enough, hence why I decided to create these regular fitness journey posts to motivate you and keep you on the right track to a fit and healthy life. (Sidenote: see post number one here.) Let's get started!

No use for excuses... because, to be fair, the only people fooled by your excuses is yourself. I'd honestly be filthy rich if I got a dollar for every excuse I've ever heard from people who want to start working out but don't because of this and that and a bowl of noodles. I definitely get it, I don't have a resolve of steel nor do I claim to! It's so much easier to absolutely waste away our lives in front of the TV. It's inexpensive, it doesn't exhaust you, it's fun if you're watching Catfish or Grey's Anatomy or the Kardashians (personal preferences, don't judge). All pros, right? No. Hell to the ever lovin' no. Why? Because you're slowly ruining your body and yourself. Your body image and self confidence will stay with you no matter what you choose to do in life. It's a given. Why would you want to damage your certainties in life? Are you willing to live in a constant moment where you look at yourself in the mirror and feel depressed by what stares back at you? No? Then start. Get going. Find what motivates you. Do cartwheels, bike outside, workout naked, light up 2,000 candles in the room, twist your body like a pretzel... it's okay. It doesn't matter how you do it. The imporant thing is... Just. Do. It.

Motivation is priceless... Let yours truly tell you a bedtime story. I like going to the gym and appreciate all the man candy around me. It makes me feel happy. It makes me say, "Holy cow, God. Ya did good up there. Hook a sister up! Thank you sweet baby Jesus, amen." This is my omen as I walk into the gym. Just kidding. Kind of. But anyway... find what motivates you. Find what the best part of working out/going to the gym is for you and focus on that. Don't turn working out into an awful chore some cruel, heartless person gave you. Make it into something you wake up and are actually excited to run towards. I'm always excited to run towards stolen glances, flirty smiles and just pure unadulterated smitten feelings (shhhhh). Smitten-ness. That's not a word in your world? My bad. Well, it just became one. You're welcome.

Register your progress... To me, this is totally an advantage. If not for anything else, it will always make you feel proud of all you've accomplished thus far and will set goals for everything you're yet to accomplish. Personally, when I'm feeling down or simply stuck, I look at the pictures of my progress and I have renewed faith and strength to carry on with this amazing, life changing journey. This may sound over the top and super cliché, but it's true: healthy body, healthy mind. You feel much more alert and empowered, like you're constantly breaking down barriers and boundaries people set for you. You guys, NO ONE can set any boundaries for you and me. We are the only ones who hold that power. We determine how far we can go. Remember this, because no truer words will ever be spoken by yours truly... thus far. Mwahah. But anyway.

Be passionate, enthusiastic, extraordinary... That's the basis of success for me. The perfect mixture, if you will. You have to do it all the way or no way at all. There's no halfway here. It's all in, diving deep, no looking back. It takes courage and commitment to do this, I know. But I'm with you in this journey. You're not doing it alone. You can do it. It burns, it stings, it aches... but it makes you stronger inside and out. How priceless is that? It doesn't get any better. The look on people's faces when you show them you CAN do it - for me it was my grandpa, who told me, "wow, you go hard!" after he doubted me so quickly, saying I'd die the first week. Prove them wrong and feel great about it. Take charge of your life and you'll reach anything. Here's week 9 for me. Still a long way to go, obviously, but I'm so pumped and excited to go the extra mile. So much more work to come for my abs, my legs, arms, core... but, most importantly, my mind. I'm motivated, excited and ready. I hope you are too! Hope you like these posts and that they reason with you in one way or the other. Have a fantastic week! You're amazing, strong and the best people I could ever ask for. 


{ "Staring at the blank page before you
Open up the dirty window, 
Let the sun illuminate the words that you cannot find... 
Reaching for something in the distance, 
So close you can almost taste it, 
Release your inhibitions... 
Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else can speak the words on your lips
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins,
The rest is still...
Unwritten!" }

life in instacolor

October 10, 2013

You guys, I kinda feel like playing a game called 'Let's Ask Dumb Questions'. I'll even go first: have you ever been so overwhelmed by college that you feel like pulling your hair and teeth and nails out? Huh? What do you mean, you have?! No way! Gasp. Sense the sarcasm. I know, I know... everyone and their mama is or has been overwhelmed by college. It's a thing. I'm kinda working on a theory called, "College is evil and wants to suck the life and fun out of you until you're lying limp on the floor crying and asking for mercy or just a nap". I'm running free with this one. But if you really want to YOLO your way through life, try college coupled with tough workouts and driving lessons. It's the bomb, I tell you. Who needs sleep or functioning muscles anyway? Too cool for school, that's what I am. Anyway... hope you're all doing fabulous and having an awesome week. You guys are so freaking sweet on your comments that I feel like my heart is about to grow wings and fly to Los Angeles. On second thought, how cool would that be?! Happy Thursday!     

gyms and their attractive men

October 05, 2013


And here come the photos that make it official: the big butt I had prior to the start of my gym stint is now almost gone. The mixed reactions I feel over this are baffling, seeing as sadness wins over joy. Weird. Also, did I draw your attention to my butt? That was totally not my intention. What even. Anyway... 

Hi, my loves! Since we're rolling on a gym topic today, can we just discuss how hot most men are over there? I don't know about you guys, but the men at my gym are slammin'. I know men are at the gym to look fit - and boy, do they! -, but some really make me wanna punch them and yell 'how dare you!' while throwing my water all over their faces. I know, that's not dramatic at all. Just yesterday I saw such a cute one I had to slow down my cycling and text my BFF about it like some desperate girl in need of a serious slap. But you guys! The sexual tension, though! The looks I know were not in my head! The bonding over yoga mats! Okay, I'll stop now! 

My question to you is: how come all the cute guys come around when you look like a beet red rat drowning in sweat? Life's unfair, that's what it is, because it's sooo much trouble to send a hot guy our way when we're looking our prim and proper best. Right, Life? Pffft. Figures. But we've just gotta keep on looking, girls! Hope you're have a gorgeous weekend and that you're working that booty out like it's nobody's business! Cute boys are all over, beauts. Thank you for your comments! 


{ H&M Shirt
Blanco Jeans
Bershka Booties
Parfois Bag
Primark Ring }


October 03, 2013

Oh hi, October! Fancy seeing your orange beauty around. I really love this month, it's not too warm but not too cold and all the pretty leaves finally start to change colors. There's a slight breeze of change in the air as we gear up for Christmas time and all the pretty lights and movement. Can't wait for all the hot chocolate you're gonna bring with you, October! The weather is finally looking sunny and uppity so lots of pictures will be taken during the weekend. Also, here's some sage words of advice: don't attempt to up your weights at the gym after 10 hour days at college. Every single thing hurts. Even my eyes. I kid you not. But hey ho! Stay tuned for outfit posts and so much more, you guys. Happy end of the week to all of you! You're simply the best, beauts. 

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