polished fall

October 17, 2013


Oh hi, my shiny adorable ponies! How's everyone doing? Today I'm talking nail polishes over at this little corner on the web. I love nail polishes, I have a super vast collection but I typically only reach for a select few depending on the season. Since we're well into fall, I recently bought these two lovely colors that I'm obsessed with. This navy blue and beautiful burgundy/bordeaux shades are perfect for fall and perfect for me seeing as I'm such a huge fan of dark colors on my nails in favor of bright or light shades. I'm still eyeing a military green and gray shades - which, along with burgundy and navy are my top colors for this season -, so let's see how badly my bank account weeps in future times. Sigh. If anyone was wondering about this particular brand, they are super great! I'm wearing the blue shade on my nails right now and the coverage is fantastic and almost gel-ish which I love! I'm really reluctant to get my nails done because of all the damage I hear about, so these are the next best thing. What are your favorite shades? Do you love nail polishes as much as me? Have a fabulous end of the week, my loves.  


  1. Both shades are absolutely gorgeous and definitely perfect for fall. I think forest green/military green would also be lovely. x

    Lubna | Elle Vox

    1. Thank you, Lubna! I'm definitely popping in to buy more shades. Got my nails done on Thursday and they're still going strong! Much love! x


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