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October 20, 2013


{ Told you I'm a huge crybaby! I was sobbing quietly in my teacher's arms with her hushing me and almost kicking me back to my seat. Yes, ma'am, I am ridonkulous }

When I'm old and gray, I'm sure one of my biggest regrets in life will be the fact I didn't ask for a qualified photographer to take my prom pictures. It's like looking back on your wedding day and finding out your photographer was drunk out of their mind and only took blurry pictures of you and your spouse and your dress and everything you loved. You then cry and yell and pull out your hair but that ain't gonna give you your photos back. Wow, that was kinda dramatic. Anyway... yeah. My prom pictures absolutely suck. In contrast to this fact, though, my prom night was amazing. It happened on June 2nd, 2012 and it was raining heavily. My grandma - who is crazy talented, yo! - made my dress and I'll always look back on it as my favorite dress in my favorite color in my favorite style. Favorite, ya feel me? It was such a beautiful farewell to my high school years. I never experienced the dreaded years people talk about because I really loved high school (it was 2,000 times better than my college experience so far, would you look at that?). Sure, there were sour times as well as sweet, but I met some of my greatest friends there and I truly had so many laughs, memories and experiences to last me a lifetime. I'm a huge crybaby so I sobbed during the mass for us seniors - I went to a catholic school -, sobbing  for so many moments in time I was leaving behind and a chapter in my life that I was closing. But then I laughed, hugged and danced with my favorite people... and all was right in the world again. How was your prom night, dress, experience? Did you love high school as much as me?  


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    1. Thank you so much, Haley! You're so kind. x

  2. That was a nice post and like your dress too

    1. Aw, thank you for the super nice comment! x


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