winter cravings

October 24, 2013

Do my cravings change everyday? Yes. Do I love black one day and yellow the next? Yes. Am I one big ball of confusion and lack of decisiveness? Err... yeah. But I do know that this Autumn/Winter, the things things I really, really need are a cardigan, a coat, a pair (or fifteen) of boots and hats. I'm sure tomorrow I'll yell about my absolute need to buy a flannel shirt - it's already starting, help! -, but we must live in the moment, am I right or am I right? Above are some of my picks that I need to narrow down, because that sound of agony you're hearing over your shoulder? That's my bank account weeping for mercy. Shush, you!  


{ 1. Pull&Bear
2. Stradivarius
3. H&M
4. H&M
5. Pull&Bear }

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