November 27, 2013

Hi, guys. Sorry for the absence, life has been a big ball of no lately. I need a few quiet moments to regroup, revisit and revise, some time of introspection to figure out what's causing my anxiety and unusual sadness. I feel like life is testing me and I must respond adequately, and for that I need some moments of peace. It's Thanksgiving week and I hope all of you have a blessed holiday, that you say plenty of thanks and feel genuinely blessed for all that life has to offer. Despite all my trials and tribulations this yearand what a challenging year it's been, I know I'll still find it in my heart to be thankful for all of you lovely people, for my family, for my ability to keep maturing as a person and dealing with whatever curve ball life throws my way. Be back soon. xx   

life in instacolor

November 20, 2013

Up to the Mountain by Crystal Bowersox on Grooveshark
This week was crazy bad. I don't know what it was, but I think once something goes wrong, several things start snowballing like mad and next thing you know, you're knee deep into a huge ass pile of crappy stuff. Not acceptable. College is honestly one of the things that makes my blood pressure skyrocket; it's the most stressful thing ever... one day you have a million things to do, and the next day there's a million things plus one. It makes me wanna pull my hair out. That coupled with medical stress and an upcoming driving exam... Lord have mercy. BUT! And there is a but... I believe things can only get better. Once you hit rock bottom and fall into a spiral of anxiety, there's only so much more than can go wrong until it starts getting better. Now, as I sit here in my leopard onesie and catch up on this week's Grey's Anatomy episode with toast and my trusty chocolate milk, preparing for yet another highly stressful week, I know in my heart things will get better. I'm ready to start a new training plan at the gym, ready to be immersed into my glimpses of man candy - teehee! -, ready to let my creative juices flow... Have an awesome week, babes! Things will always, always, always get better, we just have to wait it out.  
{ Some days I look down, I'm so afraid I will fall
And although the sun shines, I see nothing at all...
Then I hear your sweet voice, come and then go
Telling me softly,
You love me so...
The peaceful valley, just over the mountain
That so few come to know... 
I may never get there, ever in this lifetime
But sooner or later, it's there I will go }

the crop top

November 17, 2013


Hi guys! So sorry for the delay in posting, but this week has been hell come to life. But I shall not bore you with sadness, not when there's more pressing issues at hand... namely the crop top. Ahhh. Okay. So, I know this trend isn't everyone's cup of tea and, to be honest with you, I'm still debating whether it's my cup of tea at all so bear with me. I think you have to have a super toned midriff to pull this off - which I still don't, but I'm working on it! - because, truthfully, every time a top of mine rides a little high, I'm always instantaneously pulling it down. It honestly bugs me so much. Why did I buy a crop top, then?! I wasn't planning on it, really. I'm not a big fan of showing a cray amount of skin, but I saw this floral top this morning and I fell in love with the print and the price (12€ !!!! I mean...) and that's kinda what sold it for me. I instantly knew I had to pair it with my high waisted jeans (which, by the way, are my only pair and I only bought them because they had a high waist, can't stand low waist jeans!). I think fashion isn't about trends, it's about loving a piece and not caring whether it's in or out of fashion, whether other people love it or not... you are the only one who has to love it and own it your way regardless of any other thing. Taking risks only makes it more fun. But I'd love to hear your opinion on this crop top trend going around... Do you love it? Hate it? 

Have a gorgeous weekend, loves! Just came home from dinner with my friends and it was just what the doctor ordered... except for all the secondhand smoke clinging to my hair. Sigh. Have a good night! 


{ Handmade Top
Blanco Jeans
Seaside Shoes
Stradivarius Necklace } 

yet again...

November 09, 2013

Lord have mercy because I'm truly sucked into this whole grunge vibe going around. I know, I know; every year the dominant fall colors are always the plums, the deep reds, the effortless black... Deep sigh. I know I say this 15 times everyday but I'm so in love with Fall/Winter fashion, it's my absolute favorite and I can't help but keep on making all these collections of my favorite pieces in tartan and plaid patterns, in juicy plum shades, in dark green, the berry tones... Stick a fork in me, I'm done. Can I magically wake up with all of these pieces in my closet? Have a good Saturday! And psssttt... there's a new outfit post coming very soon... 


{ 1. Pull&Bear Coat
2. Topshop Leggings
3. Stradivarius Scarf
4. Stradivarius Boots
5. Topshop Lipstick
6. Pull&Bear T-Shirt }

favorite fall pieces

November 04, 2013


Hi my loves and happy Monday to you! Hope your weekend was absolutely fabulous. Today I'm reflecting on my favorite fall pieces, from shirts to boots to jackets and everything in between. Hope you enjoy! 


Bought this shirt and this necklace last weekend, both from Stradivarius. This shirt is so soft and warm, such a flannel feel to it. It's so comfortable and so easy to wear with anything! There were so many colors to choose from but I left with the red one, even though that green one is still on my mind, especially paired with a purple lip... Hm... As for the necklace, I love this chain look. It's kinda heavy but not unbearably so, and you can wear it with so many things. I love pairing it with a simple t-shirt or top so that it's instantly spiced up.


These are all my favorite fall pieces combined. I absolutely love red and brown during the fall because these colors are so warm and inviting. Most of these pieces are from last year except for the shirt. These are my essentials: 
♥ A blazer - my parents bought me that Zara blazer for my birthday and you can really tell the difference between an expensive blazer and a cheap one. I don't usually care about that, but this one fits so much better and the material is great compared to my other blazers, 
♥ A cape - my grandma made me that red cape and it's honestly so whimsical and surprisingly warm, it always makes me feel like Little Red Riding Hood,
♥ A leather jacket - that one is from Zara and doesn't need any kind of introduction because, really, who doesn't own a leather jacket these days?!
♥ A military jacket - mine is from Pull&Bear and it's perfect for any occasion. Leather sleeves and military green are a combo I fell in love with right away, plus the jacket is so versatile and fits perfectly.


Even though the boots I wear the most are my biker ones, these are my favorite pair ever. I scooped them up on sale at Zara (30€! I mean... whoa, right?) and I think they are so gorgeous and so unusual. I love their stone color and all the spikes and accessories. Zara always kills it with their shoes, am I right or am I right?


Okay, the Lita trend was super controversial back in the day. Some people were in love with it, others loathed it. I personally was neutral. I'm always neutral when it comes to trends; I'm not a follower, if I like something I'll buy it, regardless of it being dated or not a trend in that moment in time. That's kind of what happened with these shoes: I saw them, I liked them, I bought them. Simple as that. It's so much easier when we don't get carried away with trends... we should always stay true to ourselves and never fall into the trap high street brands try to force upon us.

What are your favorite fall pieces? Have an awesome week, my loves. 

farewell october, and...

November 03, 2013


It's November! And exactly one month from today, I will be a very mature 19 year old! Squeeeeeal! Hehe. I have a fab feeling about this month. Don't ask me why, it's just this feeling of mine... hope I'm not jinxing anything, but glass half full, right?! October, you were kind and gorgeous as always. Here are some snaps from the month that just ended. You and your orange beauty and crisp smells will be missed!

P.S. - All went well at the hospital. Phew! Also, I was told I'm an absolute pleasure and a total comedian under the effect of anesthesia. No wonder, huh? Glad to have provided some free entertainment for my doctors. Also happy I don't remember anything other than waking up to a spinning room. Praise Jesus! Have a gorgeous November, you guys! You're the kinda sparkly goodies that dreams are made of.  

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