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November 04, 2013


Hi my loves and happy Monday to you! Hope your weekend was absolutely fabulous. Today I'm reflecting on my favorite fall pieces, from shirts to boots to jackets and everything in between. Hope you enjoy! 


Bought this shirt and this necklace last weekend, both from Stradivarius. This shirt is so soft and warm, such a flannel feel to it. It's so comfortable and so easy to wear with anything! There were so many colors to choose from but I left with the red one, even though that green one is still on my mind, especially paired with a purple lip... Hm... As for the necklace, I love this chain look. It's kinda heavy but not unbearably so, and you can wear it with so many things. I love pairing it with a simple t-shirt or top so that it's instantly spiced up.


These are all my favorite fall pieces combined. I absolutely love red and brown during the fall because these colors are so warm and inviting. Most of these pieces are from last year except for the shirt. These are my essentials: 
♥ A blazer - my parents bought me that Zara blazer for my birthday and you can really tell the difference between an expensive blazer and a cheap one. I don't usually care about that, but this one fits so much better and the material is great compared to my other blazers, 
♥ A cape - my grandma made me that red cape and it's honestly so whimsical and surprisingly warm, it always makes me feel like Little Red Riding Hood,
♥ A leather jacket - that one is from Zara and doesn't need any kind of introduction because, really, who doesn't own a leather jacket these days?!
♥ A military jacket - mine is from Pull&Bear and it's perfect for any occasion. Leather sleeves and military green are a combo I fell in love with right away, plus the jacket is so versatile and fits perfectly.


Even though the boots I wear the most are my biker ones, these are my favorite pair ever. I scooped them up on sale at Zara (30€! I mean... whoa, right?) and I think they are so gorgeous and so unusual. I love their stone color and all the spikes and accessories. Zara always kills it with their shoes, am I right or am I right?


Okay, the Lita trend was super controversial back in the day. Some people were in love with it, others loathed it. I personally was neutral. I'm always neutral when it comes to trends; I'm not a follower, if I like something I'll buy it, regardless of it being dated or not a trend in that moment in time. That's kind of what happened with these shoes: I saw them, I liked them, I bought them. Simple as that. It's so much easier when we don't get carried away with trends... we should always stay true to ourselves and never fall into the trap high street brands try to force upon us.

What are your favorite fall pieces? Have an awesome week, my loves. 


  1. plaid flannel is definitely a fall classic. The green plaid = purple lip sounds like a great combo too!

    Emmett - Hippie Lace

    1. WOOT! I'm so excited to try that look. Must get my hands on green plaid STAT! Thank you, Emmett! Much ♥ xx

  2. tartan and studs on shoes are awesome :)


    1. LOVE! Hehe, thank you Magdalene! So much ♥ ! xx

  3. Red plaid and tweed jackets are key for fall! You should see my closet :)


    1. I adore plaid in general! I must raid your closet if you have all of these! Teehee. ♥


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