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November 17, 2013


Hi guys! So sorry for the delay in posting, but this week has been hell come to life. But I shall not bore you with sadness, not when there's more pressing issues at hand... namely the crop top. Ahhh. Okay. So, I know this trend isn't everyone's cup of tea and, to be honest with you, I'm still debating whether it's my cup of tea at all so bear with me. I think you have to have a super toned midriff to pull this off - which I still don't, but I'm working on it! - because, truthfully, every time a top of mine rides a little high, I'm always instantaneously pulling it down. It honestly bugs me so much. Why did I buy a crop top, then?! I wasn't planning on it, really. I'm not a big fan of showing a cray amount of skin, but I saw this floral top this morning and I fell in love with the print and the price (12€ !!!! I mean...) and that's kinda what sold it for me. I instantly knew I had to pair it with my high waisted jeans (which, by the way, are my only pair and I only bought them because they had a high waist, can't stand low waist jeans!). I think fashion isn't about trends, it's about loving a piece and not caring whether it's in or out of fashion, whether other people love it or not... you are the only one who has to love it and own it your way regardless of any other thing. Taking risks only makes it more fun. But I'd love to hear your opinion on this crop top trend going around... Do you love it? Hate it? 

Have a gorgeous weekend, loves! Just came home from dinner with my friends and it was just what the doctor ordered... except for all the secondhand smoke clinging to my hair. Sigh. Have a good night! 


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