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December 30, 2013


Oh, Kimmy... This woman right here is the kind of person you either love or hate. There's no in between. She has been one of the most talked about celebrities of our generation - mostly in a bad way, let it be known -, but continues to mystify and make tons of ink run on the press for her and the Kardashian family. I personally love her. While some of her actions are questionable to say the least and the Kardashian brand is starting to wear out with people, she handles the press and the (immense) negative attention flawlessly. What truly captivates me, though, is her style and her rocking curves. Huh?! Let me explain: we are both the same height (5'2''), we both are curvy women, so it's only natural I'll look up to her for inspiration on what to wear with my body type. Surely she has had some very big misses, but she's also had some fabulous hits. She's very creative and always up to be adventurous with fashion and that's what I'll share with you today! So without further ado, here are some of my favorite Kim Kardashian looks:

coat game

Kim's coat game has been out of this world amazing this Fall. As you all know I'm obsessed with big, chunky coats this season and Kim nails this look perfectly despite her petite frame. These coats are to die for and they look so warm and beautifully chic! Both from Maxmara I believe, definitely on my (dream big) wishlist, love them so much.

grunge chic

One thing I love about Kim is that she can step out in the most sophisticated little outfit on her day-to-day life just as much as she can rock some serious grunge outfits like it's nobody's business. This is totally me every single day of my life: one day I wake up and feel like I wanna channel Grace Kelly and be chic and glamorous going to college or I just literally feel like throwing on my leather jacket, biker boots and tartan shirt and be done with it. Either way, Kim manages to look fabulous in both situations, and these are some of my favorite casual looks of hers. 

princess kim

Can we talk about how absolutely gorgeous Kimmy looks on her red carpet events?! Sure, some days she tries to experiment and goes a little overboard, but when she decides to be chic and embrace her curves instead of hiding them... boy, it's magical. Alas, her red carpet dresses were most definitely my inspiration when the time came to find some pointers for my prom dress. I loved so many of her looks but I absolutely fall in love with the white Lanvin dress she wore in 2011 (second picture). It was glamorous but still embraced all her gorgeous womanly curves! I chose to have mine done in a royal blue shade and my super, insanely, immensely talented grandma made it just perfect.

gym beauty

I love the fact Kim is so active and is always looking for her next workout, just like me. Her gym attire is a lot similar to mine: I want the most comfort possible and don't understand how some people think the gym is a runway and go there with crop tops, a full face of makeup and super tiny shorts. A sports bra, a black tank top, knee-length leggings and my Nike's are my go-to look at the gym, and my girl Kim understands me just perfectly.

rocking curves

Last but not least... the famous Kim Kardashian curves. I absolutely adore them. I used to be quite self conscious about my curves, I have very large thighs, a big butt but am so tiny on the breast and tummy area. While some people feel it's best to hide their curves, Kim has shown me it's absolutely okay to embrace them for the beauty they are! Sometimes we look up to the wrong images and role models who tells us we need to starve ourselves to meet society's ideals of beauty. We all have to feel comfortable with our bodies, so we must look up to those who have similar body types than us and feel confident about our curves or lack thereof. There's no cookie cutter attitude for me, I know my body and I've grown to absolutely love my curves, so much that my prom dress highlighted them and I got so much praise for this! Bottom line is, love yourself. Doesn't she look absolutely gorgeous?! Curvy ladies, you are doing it right! Shake that delicious booty of yours! It's large, it's fabulous, and we love it! 


I decided to start a new little category here dedicated to my style inspirations. They will be varied and different from one another but I pick up little bits and bobs from every one of them and then make up my own style. Hope you enjoy! Have a great last days of 2013, my loves. Hope your 2014 is awesome! 


December 26, 2013


Hi, angels! How was your Christmas? I hope Santa was kind to you but, most of all, I hope that you spent some quality time with your family and that you counted your blessings. Most important thing in the world! Today I want to talk to you about perfumes. I'm very sensitive to smells so buying perfumes for me is hard. I don't like fresh scents, I'm much more drawn to sweet, woody and strong scents that linger on the skin. I've been using 212 VIP for almost 2 years now, been through maybe 3 bottles of it but there were quite a few perfumes I'd been dying to try. I love the fact perfumes can transport you back to certain memories... so here's a little trip down my memory lane: my English teacher's signature scent was Allure Sensuelle and she'd been wearing it for our trip to London in March. Every time she walked past me I'd always be floating behind just to catch a whiff of her perfume. Fast forward to now and my parents have gifted me this bottle for Christmas! Every time I smell myself it's like I'm back in Covent Garden, trailing behind her, happy in London... I love it so much, just a small spritz can get you through a whole day. Just for reference, I put it on yesterday morning and now it's 11 a.m. and it STILL lingers. I surely recommend it if you love sweet but strong smells with amazing staying power. Next on my list is Flowerbomb and the iconic Nº5. Oh, Chanel... 

What is your signature scent? Have an amazing end to your holiday season, beauts. More posts coming soon! 

coat matters

December 18, 2013

Yes... this wishlist's lack of cohesion is exactly what goes on inside my brain. A jumbled mess of things that have no middle ground between them. But anyhow... To put it simply, I'm on the hunt for a coat. It may seem easy at first, but it's not. It's hella' hard. I haven't shopped much lately, haven't bought anything for almost 2 months (huh!?), but I've been tirelessly browsing for a coat. My requisites are simple: has to be form fitting (cinched at the waist à la Olivia Pope, if possible), warm, warm... and did I mention warm? I'm especially in love with Zara's everything right now. I've rekindled our off and on romance yet again after half a year broken up, so I'm anxiously waiting for the sales. But like my mama says, I'm the hardest person to shop for because I change my mind about fashion 4 times a day. Take this wishlist, for instance. I go from cotton candy to black to a parka to tartan in 0.5 seconds. Gosh, even this post is a jumbled mess... seems like I better catch some zzz's now, this sleeping pill is really kicking in, holy macaroni. Ta-ta! 


{ 1. Blanco
3. Zara
4. Pull&Bear } 

little red riding hood

December 15, 2013


The Little Red Riding Hood reference... I mean, I just had to. Come on now, can you imagine me as modern day little girl running around the woods in a red cape, leather pants and heels? You're welcome for that visual. Hi, you guys and happy Sunday! I'm back for now. I'll spare you the wah wah bits and head straight on to the fact it's almost Christmas holidays! Woohoo! I need these holidays like Miley Cyrus needs her twerking, I'm so grateful to get to sleep in since it's been 84 years since my last full night of sleep, even with the aid of sleeping pills. Yes, college, this stink eye is for you and you alone. In celebration of the impending Christmas season, here's a semi festive look for you. Woop!

It's 1 p.m. and I'm currently lazying it up in my bed after a night out with friends. You know those nights where you just mean to grab a quick cup of coffee and end up chatting until 2 a.m. about nothing at all? Yep, those are my favorite nights, too. So grateful for my friends! Have a wonderful week, my loves! Love you all and hope y'all have an awesome festive season. 


{ Handmade Cape
Primark Blouse
Zara Trousers
Parfois Shoes }


December 03, 2013

Holy guacamole, I can't believe I turn 19 today! Seems like just yesterday I was obsessed with Sesame Street and still a little baby girl running around the house cuddling my nappy. Now 19 years to that cold, nerve-wrecking day in December of 1994, I'm a girl young woman in my second year of college and on my way to tackling America! Woohoo! Every year I'm one year closer to achieving all my hopes and dreams, and I'm deeply grateful to celebrate each birthday surrounded by people who love me unconditionally and who I love beyond measure. Even though I may feel unworthy at times, I'm so blessed to feel all this love around me. Happy 19th birthday to me! xx

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