December 26, 2013


Hi, angels! How was your Christmas? I hope Santa was kind to you but, most of all, I hope that you spent some quality time with your family and that you counted your blessings. Most important thing in the world! Today I want to talk to you about perfumes. I'm very sensitive to smells so buying perfumes for me is hard. I don't like fresh scents, I'm much more drawn to sweet, woody and strong scents that linger on the skin. I've been using 212 VIP for almost 2 years now, been through maybe 3 bottles of it but there were quite a few perfumes I'd been dying to try. I love the fact perfumes can transport you back to certain memories... so here's a little trip down my memory lane: my English teacher's signature scent was Allure Sensuelle and she'd been wearing it for our trip to London in March. Every time she walked past me I'd always be floating behind just to catch a whiff of her perfume. Fast forward to now and my parents have gifted me this bottle for Christmas! Every time I smell myself it's like I'm back in Covent Garden, trailing behind her, happy in London... I love it so much, just a small spritz can get you through a whole day. Just for reference, I put it on yesterday morning and now it's 11 a.m. and it STILL lingers. I surely recommend it if you love sweet but strong smells with amazing staying power. Next on my list is Flowerbomb and the iconic NÂș5. Oh, Chanel... 

What is your signature scent? Have an amazing end to your holiday season, beauts. More posts coming soon! 

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