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December 18, 2013

Yes... this wishlist's lack of cohesion is exactly what goes on inside my brain. A jumbled mess of things that have no middle ground between them. But anyhow... To put it simply, I'm on the hunt for a coat. It may seem easy at first, but it's not. It's hella' hard. I haven't shopped much lately, haven't bought anything for almost 2 months (huh!?), but I've been tirelessly browsing for a coat. My requisites are simple: has to be form fitting (cinched at the waist à la Olivia Pope, if possible), warm, warm... and did I mention warm? I'm especially in love with Zara's everything right now. I've rekindled our off and on romance yet again after half a year broken up, so I'm anxiously waiting for the sales. But like my mama says, I'm the hardest person to shop for because I change my mind about fashion 4 times a day. Take this wishlist, for instance. I go from cotton candy to black to a parka to tartan in 0.5 seconds. Gosh, even this post is a jumbled mess... seems like I better catch some zzz's now, this sleeping pill is really kicking in, holy macaroni. Ta-ta! 


{ 1. Blanco
3. Zara
4. Pull&Bear } 


  1. But ain't a mess like that in our closets (meaning difference of styles not the actual mess!) is what helps us go through the year and satisfy our ever changing moods? Nevertheless, love the selection!


    1. YES! You feel me, gurl! I'm all about lack of cohesion in my wardrobe... in the best possible way. Merry Christmas, Brigita! ♥


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