just when you think life dislikes you...

January 10, 2014

...there goes Life and she gives you your driver's license! Whoa, Ms. Life, you sure know how to ring in the new year with a bang! I was a ball of nerves this morning, you just won't believe it if I tell you how much my hands shook beforehand. Luckily, Ms. Life had an awesome, totally kick-ass examiner to present me with... Ladies sure do understand each other, and we chatted our way through the exam about life, shoes and bags. YES, shoes and bags. Totally awesome, right?! I'm so grateful to her and to be able to drive around now. One, two, three, sing it with me... FREEDOM! I feel freedom! Teehee. One little thing can make you feel so much happier and give you the little push you needed to go on. YAY!   

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