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January 02, 2014

Happy new year, angels! How was your New Year's Eve? I had planned to spend a quiet night with family and the little ones at home but ended up at a friend's small get together and it was awesome! You sometimes forget how amazing it is to just spend time with your friends and laugh until your belly practically begs you to stop the madness. I shamefully ended up going home at 10 a.m., walking the streets of my mostly deserted hometown with sneakers on my feet and heels on my hand. Don't be fooled, though, because I wasn't drunk (maybe a little tipsy and joyful, to be fair, heh) since I'm definitely not your regular big party booty gal and I never ever drink. But anyway, enough yapping. Did y'all make any new year resolutions? I never do, but this year I just want some immaterial things. 2013 was a very challenging year health wise, so my wish for 2014 is for a darn break, some good luck and for my body not to play any tricks with me since I'm now in somewhat of a "remission" and feeling great. I want to have my panics and anxiety under control, not to let stress overwhelm me every single day, and for my family to be healthy, happy and void of any crippling stress. Sounds simple enough, eh? 2014, ya hear me? Those are my wishes. Try not to mess it up this time... Have an awesome 2014, my loves. You guys deserve it! 

P.S. - I created a book reviewing blog over here, so do check it out if you're as into reading some fabulous books as I am. Rock on! 

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