that tomboy mood

February 16, 2014

Oh my gosh, don't you just love this tomboy slash American football slash menswear kind of vibe going around these days?! I'm absolutely in love with it! Gotta have it, me says!!! The thing about me, though, is that I don't like to buy things when they explode into the fashion stage because everyone and their mother gravitates towards it like bees to honey, I swear. Case in point: varsity jackets were major when I was in high school and I was super into that trend, but as soon as I started seeing all my girlfriends wearing them, I vowed not to buy into that ish. But then, just last weekend, I was out shopping and I saw the most amazing baseball jacket eveeeer. It's black and white and super simple except for the cursive Los Angeles written on the breast area. Aaaaah-maze!!! And thus started my massive tomboy kick that has me absolutely obsessed with simple black and white t-shirts with football numbers on them, sweatshirts with simple words on them, and even THAT ripped sleeved sweatshirt. And can we talk about the new high waisted jeans trend going around every single store now?!? YAY!!! I guess they all heard me...even if it was 2 years later. Oh well, better late than never, ay? 


{ YALE Sweatshirt :: Pull&Bear
High Waisted Jeans :: Pull&Bear
Converse All Stars
SEATTLE Sweatshirt :: Pull&Bear
KARL 35 Tee :: Mademoiselle's Tee
Aviators :: Parfois
WILD Sweatshirt :: Mademoiselle's Tee } 

life lately...

February 09, 2014


So here's a brief recap about things lately: it feels as if it's been raining for about 5 months. My hair hates this ratchet wind we've been getting lately, and these photos are proof of that. I bought a chocolate brown hair dye and my hair turned out jet black. I am feeling my upper lip grow into my very first bout of herpes as we speak, swollen as all hell (TMI?). I had an awesome first MRI experience last Tuesday which involved my claustrophobia fears up to level 10000 & a delicious feeling of arrhythmia...twice, while stuck inside a small machine. College is starting back up this week. All in all... I'm feeling a big fat YAY! *insert sarcasm font here*   


{ H&M Shirt
Blanco Jeans
Massimo Dutti Coat
Primark Shoes }

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