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March 20, 2014

You see, I’m a definite summer lover. When August 2014 rolls around, I’m already yearning for June of 2015. The way I see it, some people need coffee and I need summer and warmth. It’s a fact. Why do other seasons even exist, by the way? I mean, spring and I are totally on speaking terms, but me and those two other dudes haven’t spoken since I was about ten. I don’t know, man… It’s just, my hair gets frizzy, I have to wear 500 layers of clothes, the flu comes to visit, there’s rain and wind and thunderstorms… Gross, right? Anyway, we soldiered on through what felt like 86 years of winter and here we are, literally on the verge of spring and summer! Yay! I can almost taste those thousands of ice creams I’ll binge eat, heh. Since we’re almost in the middle of the best time of the year, I put together a little list of all my summer essentials. Maxi dresses are a must, as well as wedges and sandals. Royal blue everything, bright nail polish at all times, aviator sunglasses (cannot wait to try those flashy colors!) and a bright lip that suits your complexion. If all else fails, just put on some shorts and a tee. It's summer. Let your hair down, girls. Yay!


{ 1. Ray-Ban sunglasses
2. Sephora lipstick
3. Nails Inc. nail polish
4. Oysho bikini top
5. Oysho hat
6. Oysho dress
7. Oysho wedges
8. Oysho maxi bag }

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