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March 08, 2014


My brain is so confused right now so this post will make about zero sense, pretty much like life lately and whatnot. Okay! *clasps hands* ... Let's talk about how awesome it is that high waisted jeans are everywhere nowadays and how I've bought 3 pairs in the last two weeks... but hey, who's counting? Now my collection of jeans amounts to a grand total of 4. Yes, I'm a typical teenager who wears jeans, Nike's and a cropped top slash boob tube... #not! Um, what else... My driver's license just came in the mail! Yay me! Such a grownup, I can't even take it. I was calmly sipping my juice in preschool just yesterday?! What  you mean I'm 19?!? Cue panic attack... And guess what, people?! It's sunny and warm in Narnia! Yes! I'm so delighted I feel tears rush to my eyes. Alert! Spring is coming, you guys! This is not a drill!
Oh, and by the way... Happy women's day, my fellow humans who endure periods, childbirth, cramps, cellulite, heavy breasts and cooking for all these starved and ungrateful men. Wimps! Wonder women is what we all are, gorgeous girls. Enjoy your day and this ridiculously pointless post! Consider this my gift. Or don't. It's whatevs.


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