easter sunday hike

April 20, 2014

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Happy Easter, you guys! Did you little devils OD from all the chocolate, almonds, lunch, desserts? You cheeky sods, you! I must admit, though, Easter is not my favorite holiday. If I had to draw up a scale of my favorite holidays, Easter would be really, really down there with Christmas. I'm just not a big festive person, you know? Am I the Grinch? My ideal Easter Sunday would be spent traveling somewhere and not worrying about a single thing. I don't partake in any Easter traditions, I don't attend Easter mass, don't eat myself into a food coma... Wow, hmm, depressing much?! Ha! But yes, while others dressed up all festively, I simply put on my flannel, leggings, Timberland's, fresh off the shower hair and went for a hike in the sunshine after lunch with the family! T'was a gorgeous day in the low 70's with tons of things happening around town... This was my Easter Sunday! How was yours? xxoo

a reminder for you, a reminder for me

April 18, 2014


(Vintage Shirt, Pull&Bear Jeans, Parfois Wedges, Blanco Belt)

I wasn’t even going to talk about this today, but as I was editing these photos, I found myself thinking about just how vicious us women actually are. You know, as women, we should all be like a chummy group of people who mutually support each other because, in the end, we all suffer from the same ill fate: cellulite, boobs, hips, periods, PMS-ing, a bit of acne, yo-yo weight, men looking down on us… so it’s really freaking ridiculous how our favorite pastime is to tear each other down.

“Oh man, she’s just too darn fat”, “oh man, she’s a bag of bones!”, “holy macaroni, the hips on that girl!”, “gosh, did you see that girl with purple hair?”, and so on, so forth. AND, let us all not wipe guilt off our shoulders because we all, at one point or another, made a comment or 2,896 like these. Yes, myself included.

Let me tell y’all, there’s no perfect body type. It pisses me off that there’s this general consensus of what a woman should look like. Every single body on every single person is worthy of praise and love and respect, period. Barring any bad health problems your body type may cause you, we need to work for the body we feel the best in. Skinny girls, y’all keep doing your thing. Curvy girls, y’all keep doing your thing. Big butt? Awesome! Pancake butt? Amazeballs! It’s literally that simple. I don’t understand why hearing the words “you look skinnier!” are like a pat in the back, a compliment even. Even for myself. Maybe “you look curvier!” should be one, too. I don’t know, man… Women live under so much pressure and scrutiny, it’s insane and ridiculous and absolutely mindboggling.

We all have a type. I, personally, love seeing a curvy woman (and a curvy man!). That’s not to say I don’t find skinny men and skinny women beautiful, because I do. Immensely. Wear what you love, look the way you want to look, dye your hair purple if that’ll make you happy… only your opinion and happiness matters. “A lion doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.” Right on!

FYI, the plan today was to talk about denim on denim, but I got a little sidetracked as per usual. My one and only question to y’all is, am I a bit too reminiscent of Justin and Britney’s massive fail a century ago? #neverforget! Plus, holy cow, how high waisted are these jeans? HEEEEA-VEN!! Ta-ta, loves, see you soon!

palm sunday

April 14, 2014


Hi, you babelicious people!! Hope you all had a great Palm Sunday with tons of gorgeous flowers and some quality family time... you know, if that's your thing or whatevs. Mine was spent delivering and receiving flower bouquets and washing my car in shorts and flip flops because April is being oh so kind to us. Inserting flower, sun and hearts emojis here... Yay! Have a happy week, you guys!

let us not worry about those who do not matter...

April 04, 2014


{Yay for my milky skin and peanut size! Rejoice!}

Personally speaking, high school was a very nice experience for the most part, which I realize is not the norm. However, I think it’s impossible not to fall prey to some nasty comments every now and then. Sadly, these comments happen at any age, at any given time, from any given people.

For me, the issue was always either about my skin tone or my height. Most of the time people commented without malice, but it always hurts when people badger you about your weaknesses. It even made me snap and try to change stuff, like fake tanning for no other reason than to stop those comments. But I didn’t – and still don’t – feel comfortable that way. Nothing other than accepting ourselves and being confident in our own skin will do the trick.

But… You know what? I’ve thought about this for a while and found that the reason why people actually target us is because they have the same insecurities within themselves, so they target us to maybe take the heat off themselves. For instance, I’m pale and my friend’s pale. But, since I’m pastier than her by a fraction of a thread, then she’s able to belong in the “tanned” group of people and mock me; the height thing as well. Makes sense? Those people all want to belong so desperately that they’ll use you, try to bring you down just so they can feel a bit better about themselves. But you know what that makes them? They’re desperate, ridiculous, pathetic. They’re not authentic, they’re insecure in their own skin so they want us to feel insecure too. That’s selfish. And guess what?

All this petty sh** really means nothing once you step back and see the bigger picture. There’s nothing more attractive to me than people who really don’t give a rat’s ass about people’s perceptions and judgments about them. There’s something about being comfortable in one’s skin that is so beautiful to me. We have to try our best to do what pleases us first and foremost. Surround yourself only with people who lift you higher. Positive energy only!

Yes, I’m pale. Do you think I should lay in the sun more, think I should bathe in fake tan, cake myself in makeup ten shades darker than my skin tone? Then, with all due respect, don’t let the door hit your bum on the way out. My life is mine to live. I don’t need your negative chatter in my life. Think I’m short? Well that’s because I’m in fact barely 5 feet tall. But do you see me criticizing you for being short, average height, tall? Oh, you don’t? Maybe because it’s none of my darn business anyway. See what I mean? Just say no to bullying. It’s really not that hard, is it?

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