easter sunday hike

April 20, 2014

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Happy Easter, you guys! Did you little devils OD from all the chocolate, almonds, lunch, desserts? You cheeky sods, you! I must admit, though, Easter is not my favorite holiday. If I had to draw up a scale of my favorite holidays, Easter would be really, really down there with Christmas. I'm just not a big festive person, you know? Am I the Grinch? My ideal Easter Sunday would be spent traveling somewhere and not worrying about a single thing. I don't partake in any Easter traditions, I don't attend Easter mass, don't eat myself into a food coma... Wow, hmm, depressing much?! Ha! But yes, while others dressed up all festively, I simply put on my flannel, leggings, Timberland's, fresh off the shower hair and went for a hike in the sunshine after lunch with the family! T'was a gorgeous day in the low 70's with tons of things happening around town... This was my Easter Sunday! How was yours? xxoo


  1. Okay.... I was not expecting that silly b&w shot! I almost spit out my coffee! Great blog!
    Cheers (and following),
    L A

    1. Haaaaa! Thank you, lover!! You're soooo sweet. <3

  2. the plaid shirt and the timberland's look so nice together :) the black and white photo is so funny :)

    1. Hahaha! Thank you, Sammie! So lovely of you to say!! <3


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