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July 27, 2014


Last Monday's shopping trip to pick up some holiday essentials, like a new bikini, towel, body butter and moisturizer, some new shoes (been so long!), and some bits of makeup. You know, just a usual selfie in your car... no big deal! #vain


Because iced coffee infused with chocolate is the only coffee I will ever willingly drink. Yes, you may think I'm crazy, but I call this... healthy.


OKAY. This right here will go down in history as the craziest day in recent times. So, I went to see One Direction in Portugal, aka the world convention of crazy hormonal teens yelling for 5 British guys under scorching July heat that was only a fraction more bearable because heaven sent firemen decided to roll around and spray us with their fire hoses. Sounds crazy? It was even crazier. Took me a whole week to recover and finally not feeling anxious about having people touch me, claustrophobia, plus recovering from the blisters on my feet and the sunburn that covered my whole back. Other than that, t'was peachy. Hah.


Early June days, when Summer was just starting and everything was brighter and more optimistic. Now we're almost in August and I'm not okay... because after August comes September, and no one likes September. Let us pray.


HELLO WORLD! Whoa, there, shouty capitals in your beautiful faces... I'm very sorry. So, how's everyone been?! Enjoying your summers?! Here are some amateurish photos taken with my iPhone, because lately I haven't felt like picking up my Canon but also really felt like updating my blog and imaginary readers with my life lately... even if it's the least stimulating thing ever. Anyways, August will be a gooooood month with a cool holiday that shall bring lots of pictures and updates and magical things around the blog, so stay tuned! Catch you on the flip side, lovers. xx

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