what other people's comments will do to you

July 31, 2014


(Oysho Playsuit, Parfois Wedges) 

I think I've never really understood how someone's comments could feel so debilitating and make you feel self conscious until I got to high school and someone made a comment to me saying, "Jesus! Cover those arms! You're so pale, how do you stand to wear short sleeves? Put those arms away!" ... so, you know, those were nice words to hear when you're 16 and sensitive to anything. All these constant comments about how pale my skin is and how unattractive it is, especially in this country where everyone and their mother has some sort of tan to them, can really be a confidence killer. This summer I've come around to wearing things that showcase my legs a bit, but even so, as I walk on the street, I always think people are looking at my legs and commenting on how pale or unattractive they are. But the simple fact I'm wearing short things again is a massive step forward in beating these self depreciating words and also why looking back on these photos feels extra good. So I wanna ask you, please don't purposely say things that will hurt someone or diminish their confidence in any way, because what takes you one second to say, will forever stay with the other person. Wow, this was kinda heavy.

ANYWAY! Happy, happy Thursday, you guys! Last day of July, perfect time to get your legs out and show 'em to the world. Because, you know, you're awesome and cool and beautiful and you're worth SO much. xxoo

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