last day of august

August 31, 2014


I know it's the biggest cliché in the world but allow me: how is it the end of August already!? And why is the world so unfair to give us what feels like an endless horrid Winter and then make Summer fly past us at supersonic speed? #thingsthatannoyme

On the other hand, I'm sort of, maybe, a tiny bit excited for Fall. Just a tiny bit. But only because Fall fashion is my favorite and I can't wait to wear my light capes and bordeaux and mauve and Timberlands and snuggling under the covers. Minus the college part because that, my friends, is already killing my soul. 

Happy end of the summer (weeps!) to you all! 

things one should always remember

August 12, 2014


Just some thoughts on this Tuesday... Hope you have a blessed day, wherever you are!

clean cut

August 10, 2014


(All images via weheartit)

Some of the images that are inspiring me right now... Can they all magically transport themselves to my closet? Kthnxbye. 

Heads up, to whoever visits my little spot on the web: I will leave for some days to a land where Internet access is nothing but a fantasy. Pray for me! I'll be back soon, hopefully armed with some cool photos and whatnot. Have a good week, lovelies!

iphone summer snaps

August 09, 2014

2014-08-08 001 026
2014-08-08 001 006

When you're not feeling particularly chatty, some pictures are worth a thousand words... I mean, not that my Friday outfit or a (ridiculously gorgeous) tree are that relevant, but still. Just roll with it. Happy weekend, everyone!

the simple way

August 03, 2014


Maybe it was after getting sick last year that I've wanted to "uncomplicate" my life a bit. Heels, dresses, even pussy bow blouses and skirts took a backseat to flats, jeans (!!!) and flannels. If you knew me before this year, you'd know jeans were a forbidden staple in my closet. Now, it's an everyday occurrence. Trainers, ditto. But these dark blue New Balance ones, plus my obsession with big, chunky men's watches... Getting a tad out of control, I'd say. Maybe this all stems from my desire to be comfortable over prim, or maybe because these items are cool as fudge. Either goes!

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