96 hours in London

February 08, 2015

2015-02-05 001 029
I'm obsessed with taking photos up in the air. I probably have 20 pictures of the exact same thing. I know. I need Jesus. But...why so beautiful?! Descending into snowy London...

2015-02-05 001 148
Strolling through gorgeous Oxford Street... There's just something about this place that makes me happy?! Maybe because I shop way more than I should?! Who knows...

2015-02-05 001 166
Stepping out of the British Museum into a gorgeous London [sort of] sunset...although it happened at approximately 4pm?! What gives, London?! WHY SO EARLY!?!

2015-02-05 001 178
2015-02-05 001 173
I'll admit: I'm not the biggest Covent Garden fan. But, at dusk, it's beautiful. Sort of.

2015-02-05 001 184
2015-02-05 001 181
I mean... why so beautiful, London!? Seriously!

2015-02-05 001 242
2015-02-05 001 249
2015-02-05 001 260
SNOW! You guys, I had never seen *proper* snow before, so when I got to Hyde Park and saw it was covered in snow... aaaaah! Joy to the world.

2015-02-05 001 291
2015-02-05 001 318
2015-02-05 001 195
2015-02-05 001 099
2015-02-05 001 103
Piccadilly Circus, probably my favorite place on Earth. Don't ask me why. I'm weird like that.

2015-02-05 001 110
2015-02-05 001 111
You guys!!! It's an M&M's store. I mean... OH MY GOD. I needed to be sedated. M&M's are life. Just...oh my word.

2015-02-05 001 324
Waiting to board my plane back home *sad face*. Why does time seem to go by at supersonic speed when I'm in London? What do you mean I was there 4 days when it felt like 4 seconds...


I don't think anything could've been better mentally than this 4 day break for me. Having just come out of a draining semester that felt like it lasted five thousand years coupled with medical shit, it felt just like going home...again. I had forgotten how much this city just speaks to me. I don't know if it's the fast pace, the people, the organized way in which this city simply works... Everything about London makes me extremely happy. 

This trip served to reinforce my wish to move there. I was scared to go there alone and having to find our way around the city with no help, but the fact it was so easy and everything just seamlessly clicked into place made my decision even more final. I can't wait for the future now, but in the meantime, please do enjoy these rather choppy iPhone pics since my camera felt just too heavy. #regrets

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