H&M BB cream and foundation brush

April 24, 2015


Hello lovelies! Today I thought I'd bring you something a little different. Ever since I started fully embracing make up, I realised the standard apply-it-with-your-fingers method I had been using all my life wasn't quite doing the trick. 

Besides being a little unhygienic, it wasn't giving me that great of a result. Okay, so I know I'm light years late - seriously, I hated using make up, and I still don't use it nearly as much as the regular girl... - but sadly, in Portugal, you can't easily get your hands on quality brushes, as you would in England with Real Techniques, for example. I know, this country... *rolls eyes*

Anyway. Enter: H&M brushes. Every time I went into H&M, I'd spend ages looking at their brushes, wondering 'is it worth it?' until I finally took the plunge. I know. You guys have no idea how frustrating it is to shop with me, I can literally take one hour deciding what to buy or whether it's worth it or not. Sigh.

My verdict? So far so good! The bristles are very soft, very easy to blend in my BB cream and the brush isn't too steep at 7,99€. Definitely recommend checking out H&M's brush collection, got my eye on a few other bits from there!

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