February Loves

February 28, 2017

It's almost Spring you guyssss! I'm so excited for Spring time, I legit can't wait for that warm but chilly sunny weather, the flower blooms, the longer evenings and that walk up to Summer... My favourite time of the year for sure! Either way, let's not digress: here are my February favourites, including some rediscoveries and some new amazing beauty products I've been loving lately.

Payday Wishlist #1

February 24, 2017

Payday is just around the corner and I've built up quite the wishlist... Oops? The thing I'm most excited to try is undoubtedly the new Giorgio Armani Power Fabric foundation – it's got the same premise of the Luminous Silk, which has been on my wishlist for ages, only more long wearing and offering a 'matte, lightweight and second skin finish'. I'm sold!

As for blushes, I have two on my wishlist for spring: my favourite out of the two is NARS Impassioned, a matte everyday flush of pink for a natural look. I've been looking for a colour like this for ages and I've finally found it! The other is the Bobbi Brown Cheek Glow palette, with a cream blusher and highlighter. I've never tried cream blushers before (or any Bobbi Brown makeup for that matter) but this sounds divine!

Lastly, Tom Ford makeup is the stuff of dreams and this lipstick in Spanish Pink looks like the perfect place to start! As for eyeshadows, the Urban Decay eyeshadow in Sin has been on my wishlist for ages – such a perfect, fuss free champagne pink wash of colour for the lids!

O querido e tão aguardado payday está aí à porta e já tenho uma wishlist do tamanho de Portugal inteiro à espera para entrar em ação... Oops? O produto que mais quero experimentar é sem dúvida a nova base Power Fabric da Giorgio Armani – tem a mesma premissa da Luminous Silk (um amor antigo), mas tem um acabamento mais duradouro e acetinado, conferindo um look 'matte, leve e com efeito segunda pele'. Count me in!

Quanto a blushes, tenho dois em mente para a primavera: primeiro o meu favorito, o Impassioned da NARS. Há que temos que procurava um rosa matte e natural e finalmente encontrei-o! O outro é a Cheek Glow Palette da Bobbi Brown na cor Homecoming Pink, que traz um blush e iluminador em creme. Nunca experimentei produtos em creme (ou qualquer makeup da Bobbi Brown), mas estas cores são irresistíveis!

Por fim, a linha de beauty Tom Ford é de babar e este batom na cor Spanish Pink é perfeito para começar! Quanto a sombras, acho que é desta que me vou render à Sin da Urban Decay – o champanhe rosado perfeito para o dia a dia.

What beauty products are on your wishlist?

Girl Meets Pearl

February 20, 2017

A couple weeks ago I went to my Heaven on Earth (aka, Sephora) to get the Sweet Peach Glow palette and ran into the sweetest Benefit SA. Half an hour of beauty chatter later, she applied some gorg makeup on my face, including the new (and stunning!) GALifornia blush, the ever so famous Watt's Up highlighter and Girl Meets Pearl. I also fell in love with the first two goodies (soon, my pretties), but it was Girl Meets Pearl that truly stole my heart the minute I looked in the mirror. 

How I Edit My Instagram Photos: White & Pink Feed

February 18, 2017

I'm obsessed with organised and dreamy Instagram feeds. Some people have a Pinterest addiction, but my own personal crack is a good, clean and girly IG feed. I love photographing and planning my own, but I especially love the process of editing my photos and making them look just right!

On My Beauty Wishlist...

February 17, 2017

Friday I'm in love... with all these beauty goodies! My beauty wishlist has grown considerably throughout these first months of the year and brands are consistently coming out with amazing products that are right up my street!

Case in point, the new Dandelion Twinkle highlighter by Benefit. I've been dying to try the original Dandelion blush – the perfect rosy flush for my pale complexion, I feel – for ages, but this stunning pink highlighter has skyrocketed to the top of my wishlist! Speaking of pink highlighters, who can resist the Dior Nude Air Luminizer highlighter in 002, the most beautiful pink hue?! My stash is comprised mostly of golden highlighters, so I'm dying to give this pink one a chance (plus the packaging... Swoon!).

My Clinique foundation is slowly dying on me, so I'm already researching possible replacements for it. Enter: the new Chanel Le Teint Ultra Tenue foundation! I absolutely adore Chanel foundations and this one, promising a soft matte finish, seems right up my street.

The Emma Hardie Moringa cleansing balm will be a repurchase for me (I'm in LOVE with it!) and the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara is an old wish that will soon join the family...

Sexta-feira, estou apaixonada... por todas estas coisinhas boas! A minha wishlist de beauté cresceu imenso nos primeiros meses do ano e o facto de as marcas lançarem produtos maravilhosos dia sim, dia sim não ajuda nada!

Exemplo número um, o novo Dandelion Twinkle da Benefit. Adoro o blush Dandelion – o rosa natural perfeito para branquinhas como eu –, e não é que a Benefit me lança um iluminador na mesma tonalidade?! Falando em iluminadores rosados, quem consegue resistir ao Nude Air Luminizer da Dior na cor 002, um rosa bem clarinho mas intenso? Eu não, especialmente porque a minha coleção está cheia de iluminadores dourados e faz falta uma beleza destas para dar um toque mais girly na coisa (e o packaging, senhoras?).

A minha base da Clinique está prestes a morrer-me nas mãos, portanto já ando à procura de possíveis substitutas. Na frente da corrida temos a Le Teint Ultra Tenue da Chanel, uma base que promete um efeito matte suave e uma pele perfeita. Sou super fã das bases da Chanel (não tanto do preço, confesso) e esta parece-me mesmo o meu estilo!

O bálsamo Moringa da Emma Hardie vai ser uma recompra (amo, amo, amo!) e a máscara Velvet Noir da Marc Jacobs é um desejo antigo que se vai juntar à coleção muito, muito em breve...

A Sephora Haul & First Impressions

February 15, 2017

Whenever Sephora has their 20% off sale every other month, I take a look at my little (big) wishlist and work on crossing off as many products as my sanity and cheap spirit allows! This month I picked up three things, all of which I'm positively smitten with.

My Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Collection

February 13, 2017

As promised, I'm brightening up your Monday with a dose of Charlotte Tilbury – really, is there any better way to start the week? Me thinks not! After I put together my MAC lipstick collection, I thought I'd do a post dedicated solely to my rose gold babies. Even though my collection is humble, I love and wear every single shade constantly, so here's a detailed description of each one plus some handy little swatches!

In Pink...

February 10, 2017

...also known as the colour of the moment! I don't know what it is but I just can't seem to get enough of pink – it's in my Instagram theme, in most of my clothes, lipstick choices, everything! I'm super glad stores are actually following my lead and bringing out all sorts of pink and blush items, which has in turn made my wishlist grow so, so much...

I've been searching for a new designer bag in either cream or blush pink for spring time and I think I have finally settled on a brand at least: this bag here is the Furla Metropolis, although the Linda model also has me super tempted! As for outerwear, who can resist this dusty pink oversized blazer from Zara – can we just talk about how insane their Spring/Summer collection is right now?! 

...também conhecida como a cor do momento! Não sei o que se passa, mas ando vidrada em tudo que seja cor de rosa – está no tema do meu Instagram, está nas minhas roupas, nas escolhas de batom, tudo! Estou super contente por ver que as lojas andam a acompanhar o meu pensamento e a lançar peças naquele rosa pó que até me enfraquece os joelhos. É claro que isso fez com que a minha (já enorme) wishlist crescesse ainda mais...

Tenho andado à procura do próximo investimento no que toca a malufas. Sabia que queria uma mala creme ou rosa clara para a primavera/verão e ao menos já decidi a marca: esta dispensa apresentações, mas é a Metropolis da Furla, linda que só ela. O modelo Linda também me anda a piscar o olho, mas logo vemos. Quanto ao exterior, que me dizem a este blazer lindão da Zara? A coleção de primavera/verão da nossa querida loja anda a deixar-me maluca, digo-vos!

Sweet Peach Glow

February 08, 2017

Oh, what a sweet glow indeed! When Too Faced relaunched their Sweet Peach range, I was completely floored by the sheer beauty of it all. I've never actually tried Too Faced beauty before (yes, not even the eyeshadow palettes), but I've always been so curious about this deliciously girly brand!

The Pink Lip Edit

February 06, 2017

Happy Monday, beauties, hope everyone had a fab weekend! So, Valentine's Day is a mere few days away, so what better time to share some serious pink lip inspo over here?! I just adore pink lipstick, it's probably my favourite colour of all time and nine times out of ten, I'll be rocking a pink lip. Today I'll be sharing three of my favourite pink lipsticks of all time!

That Perfect Lip Combo

February 04, 2017

Dead hours at work are dangerous, the kind of dangerous that makes you accidentally slip and fall into Cult Beauty and suddenly you've ordered a new Charlotte Tilbury lipstick AND lip liner to match... Yeah, that totally happened! 

To be fair, this was a purchase long in the making. You all know by now that Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are my absolute favourite ever, but I only owned one prior to this, which is Very Victoria (my all time fave lippie, too!). I'd been researching and wondering what my next shade would be and I was pretty torn between Bitch Perfect and Penelope Pink, but ended up going for the latter as I felt it was more appropriate year round.

January Loves

February 03, 2017

A little late but these still count, right?! I honestly don't know how some girls manage to work full time and still type out amazing blog posts every day, you girls are literally next level superhuman. Anyway, better late than never, here are my favourite little bits from the month of January!

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