High End Brands Worth The Splurge

March 18, 2017

It's no secret that I'm pretty much obsessed with high end makeup. Though I will find a pretty nice product at the drugstore every once in a while, I much prefer to save my pennies and invest in luxury products that not only look amazing, but perform amazingly as well. 

My investments allow me to single out some of the brands I wholeheartedly recommend if you're looking to purchase some luxury goodies, some of which I'm sharing with you today!


Starting off with probably my favourite brand of all. In my eyes, Miss Tilbury can do no wrong (apart from the unnecessarily exorbitant prices – 32€ for a lipstick is just too much, even if they ARE bloody brilliant). If you've never tried anything from CT before, my first recommendation will always be the lipsticks! Seriously, you won't find creamier mattes that look and feel this good anywhere, point blank. 

On my wishlist: the amazing Filmstar Bronze & Glow and the Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder.


My very first MJ product was one of the Air Blush Soft Glow Duo blushes in Flesh and Fantasy and it was all I wore for a couple months. After crushing on it so hard, I decided to invest in one of the New Nudes Sheer Gel lipsticks in the shade Role Play – the formula is gorgeous, super creamy but very opaque and the packaging isn't too shabby, either ;).


Well, if you've never heard about the Ambient Lighting powders and blushes... where have you been, girl?! It took me a while to muster up the courage to cough up £32 for a single blush but when I did, I understood the hype in 0.2 seconds. In my eyes you won't find nicer blushes than these – they give your skin the most beautiful radiance and luminosity, with very wearable (and gorgeous) shades to choose from. I have the shade Luminous Flush but I'm already eyeing various others!


Even though I think the price tags of the foundations are absolutely ludicrous, you can't deny Mr. Armani knows what he's doing in terms of foundations. I've never tried the iconic Luminous Silk, but the new Power Fabric is such a stunner – the finish and formula are incredible and it's truly a luxurious experience from start to finish.


Although I find some of the products and marketing a bit gimmicky, I just can't help but adore Too Faced and all they stand for. The eyeshadow palettes are cult products for a reason, the face products are absolutely incredible and the packaging is just the icing on the cake. Even though Too Faced doesn't appeal to everyone, I personally adore the brand and can see myself purchasing so much more from them!


Chanel does some of my all time favourite foundations – Perfection Lumière Velvet is my OG for life – and even though I don't like most of their other products, I think they pretty much nail all of their face makeup. The price tag isn't the most inviting, but I'd love to try their Soleil Tan de Chanel bronzer sometime!

What's your favourite high end brand?
Qual é a vossa marca de luxo favorita?

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