7 Products I’d Repurchase Again & Again

April 22, 2017

When it comes to beauty, I'm not a repeat offender. It's very rare that I'll find myself repurchasing a product once I run out, purely because I'm always super eager to try new things instead of spending my money on the same old product – yes, even if I love it to bits. However, once in a blue moon there are exceptions, which is the ultimate sign of a product reaching cult status for me! Here are seven products I will repurchase time and time again...

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm 

Of course this had to come first! I seriously can't imagine my skincare routine without this cleanser now. It's absolutely brilliant at removing every last trace of makeup and grime, whilst leaving you looking like a glowy princess – you know I need ALL the help I can get in that department! It's pricey, yes, but it's so good that I don't mind coughing up the money (too much). – Review here

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick

Let's face it, the Tilbs is no idiot, she's seen how much of a success the limited edition Pillow Talk lipstick has been and there's no way she's not bringing it back. When she does and mine runs out (because it will), you best believe I'll be clicking it home faster than you can blink! This is my perfect pink lipstick and I cannot be without it now. – Review here.

Clinique Superbalanced Silk Foundation

A foundation that looks beautiful, is super kind to my sensitive skin and is relatively cheap? Check, check and check. I absolutely adore Clinique products and this foundation is one of my favourites ever. I've ran out of it but I'm definitely repurchasing soon! – Review here.

D'Aveia Neutral Shampoo

Much like my skin, my scalp is super sensitive and flaky. My hair gave me a lot of problems in the past until I switched to an all natural shampoo – seriously, it made the itchiness and flakiness go away in less than a week! My absolute favourite one is the D'Aveia Neutral Shampoo and even though it's pricey, I've repurchased about 4 times now because this truly saved my hair. My other favourite is the Davines OI Shampoo, but I can't get hold of it now sadly (why, Cult Beauty?!). – Review here.

Rituals Body Creams

I can't tell you how many tubs of Rituals' body creams I've gone through! I used to be a massive fan of The Body Shop body butters until I discovered these – they're not sticky like the TBS ones, they hydrate my skin a million times better and the scents are so much more mature and delicious. My favourite permanent line is Ritual of Sakura, but my favourites are always the Summer lines, especially the Ritual of Karma.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume

You know you've found your ride or die when you've gone through three bottles of a very expensive perfume and you still want to repurchase! I'm such a picky person when it comes to perfumes, I only like a handful of them because most scents give me the worst headache and nausea ever. This one, however, is pure perfection – floral, strong, musky and leaves behind a trail of deliciousness whenever I walk past or even sit at my desk at work. Everything I need in a perfume!

Essie Fiji

If I was stranded in a deserted island and I could only paint my nails in one shade, it would always be this (I know the colour of my nails would be the last thing on my mind if I was stranded somewhere, but bear with me). There is no better nail polish in the whole wide world than Fiji – this milky baby pink is the love of my life when it comes to nail colours and nothing will ever come close. – Review here.

Do you have any product you can't be without?

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