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April 26, 2017

As I'm typing this, I still can't believe I finally own this beauty! If you asked me, at any given time, what makeup item I'd want in my collection, I'd say the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow in a heartbeat. Like, I wouldn't even have to think about it! It's truly one of those products that had been on my wishlist for ages, but the horrific price tag always held me back. I mean, 65€ gals... Imagine the things I could buy with that money! (Not a lot, realistically, but still).

But then, the most magical thing happened... I was patiently waiting for the Tilbs to launch on FeelUnique because I planned on treating myself to this palette with my Easter money, but last week I saw it had gone up on the website for 36€. THIRTY-SIX euros. It's still not cheap by any means, but 36€ for an incredible bronzer and highlighter... No brainer, right?! Right. I ordered right there and then – and sure enough, 2 hours later they realised their mistake and put it back to the original price of around 60€. Lucky or what?!?

Anywaaaay... Let me tell you just why this is the best makeup product I've ever owned. First of all, I can't not mention the packaging. Isn't it one of the most stunning things you have ever seen?! I die. Of course it's rose gold and of course it oozes class and old Hollywood – it's Charlotte Tilbury, after all!

As for the product itself, this is genuinely the perfect bronzer and contour for fair skin, bar none. I'd prefer it to be matte rather than shimmery, but the shimmer is so minuscule and undetectable that you're just left with a beautiful radiance and glow on the skin. It's definitely not orange nor is it muddy, it's a gorgeous neutral bronze shade that is perfect for everyday and for a subtle contour (even though that's not my thing, my face is bony enough as it is, thank you!). 

The highlighter is simply the stuff of dreams. I don't like a blinding highlight (nor does it like me, my pores and texture are immense), so the subtle candlelight glow that this highlighter gives is divine! It's the closest I've come to finding that true 'lit from within' glow and I'm positively in love.

Beauty doesn't come cheap and this is quite an expensive product, but it's truly one I can see myself hitting pan on super soon – to me, that's a true testament to how good a product is! You can find it here or cheaper on FeelUnique.

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