My Summer Essentials

July 30, 2017

Holidays are right around the corner and I've been going a bit cray with the holiday shopping lately! I really can't help myself though, these last couple of weeks have been kinda crappy so shopping for bright and colourful pieces is the best way to cheer oneself up, right?

So today I'm sharing some of my beach bag contents and holiday fashion essentials! Don't tell me that colourful photo up there doesn't put you in a better mood...

In Turquoise

July 26, 2017

New favourite dress alert! I know I say this way too often to actually be taken seriously, but this dress is just pure love for me. The bardot style is enough to win me over, but the ruffle at the bottom and the turquoise (green, mint, aqua?) instantly makes me happy whenever I look at it!

The Everyday Picks

July 19, 2017

If you forced me to get ready in 2 minutes and I had to frantically run around choosing products, these would undoubtedly be the ones I'd reach for! Dewy, perfected skin and a pop of colour on the lips... Do you need anything else during these Summer months? Me thinks not!

The Best Skin Of My Life With MONU Skincare

July 16, 2017

I'm a self proclaimed skincare junkie. You can have the best makeup money can buy, but if your skin is in rubbish condition... Well, all the Armani makeup in the world can't save ya. My skin isn't perfect (far from it, actually) and everyone is different, but I do have some products I can wholeheartedly recommend for supple, glowy and smoother skin!

Two Summer Must Haves From NYX

July 12, 2017

So yesterday I finally had the chance to pop down to the NYX store near me and of course, I couldn't walk home empty handed! NYX is a super affordable brand that still manages to bring out some amazing products, so I was definitely eager to try more from them. With my holiday in mind, I made a mental note to pick up a bright lipstick and some dewy goodness, which is exactly what I came out with!

Golden Hour

July 09, 2017

Anyone else draw a complete blank when it comes to typing up fashion posts? I'm much more in my element when it comes to talking your ear (or eye, in this case) off about beauty products, but I do adore fashion almost as much, which is why I'm trying to incorporate more style content into the blog.

Jo Malone, The Ultimate Luxury Experience

July 05, 2017

I have to admit, Jo Malone counters used to scare me to death. It's pretty impossible to walk past and not marvel at the sheer luxury and decadence of it all. I, however, have had one or two less than pleasant encounters with snooty sales assistants in high end counters who would rush to help the gal carrying a Chanel bag and flat out ignore the girl carrying a Zara one, so I always feared Jo Malone would be the same. But oh, it is not! When you visit a Jo Malone counter you can expect feeling extra special when you leave, and that's why I make a habit of returning every once in a while.

Today I'd Wear...

July 03, 2017

All of this, please! I haven't been too keen on high street fashion lately but of course, Zara always finds a way to redeem itself, this time by bringing out this beauty of a jumpsuit! It hits me right in the feels with the blue stripes, the ruffled top and the chunky straps... The stuff of dreams, this! It needs to be mine as soon as it comes back in stock. 

I also can't skip on these lovely wedges, which are my shoes of choice during Summer, and a whole lotta gold accessories! A pop of colour on the lips – of course it's Charlotte Tilbury – is the perfect finishing touch. I need all of this, like, yesterday. Happy Monday and a brill week to all! 

Era isto tudo, por favor! Não tenho andado muito contente com as novas coleções das lojas do costume, mas é claro que a Zara já se vai redimindo e lançou este macacão dos meus sonhos! Acerta nas notas todas – risca azul, folhos e as alças gordinhas... Quero e quero já!

Estas cunhas também vinham já cá para casa sem pensar duas vezes (são o meu calçado de eleição durante o verão), assim como este festival de acessórios em ouro lindos! Mais um pop de cor nos lábios – já sabem que tem de ser Charlotte Tilbury – et voilá! Preciso disto tudo, tipo, ontem. Boa semana!

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